My Neice

Hey blog world! My Neice and I may argue and fight sometimes but I love her to pieces! The one thing I love most about her is that she always makes me laugh! Here are some of her funniest moments!

  • I was surfing the web and all of a sudden my door opened and she came in. Her pants were up so high she looked like Steve Urkel  and then she started singing one of her favorite songs. “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO. Then to top it all off she started dancing the most ridiculous dance I’d ever seen! I was weirded out but I still thought it was hillarious so I laughed
  • It’s a tradition for her to fall into the lake whenever we go fishing! She hates this tradition and tries every year to prevent it but somehow she always falls in!
  • When she was 3 me, her, my parents and her mother (my sister) went to Disneyland. We went to a Planet Hollywood for supper one night and she ordered Spaghetti. After about 2 minutes she had it all over herself! She had sauce and noodles all over her face, her hands were a mess, I think she got some on her dress and yet despite the horrible mess she was in she had an enormous grin on her face like she was proud of herself for being so messy!
  • Once at Sobeys she saw a girl she thought she knew so she walked up to the girl and spent about 3 minutes staring at her face before she realized it was a complete stranger!
  • Once at Dominion we passed a stand full of melons. She picked out a beautiful cantaloupe  and I expected her to put it in the cart but instead she took the cantaloupe stood in front of the cart and bowled it right underneath! I knew what she did was wrong but I couldn’t help but laugh!
  • Last year we were drawing pictures together and her picture was of a superhero she created called buttman. He’s a butt themed superhero. I forget his powers though. I would explain what he looked like but I really don’t think I should because I don’t wanna gross anyone out!
  • I have a Minnie Mouse plaque on my door that says “Leah’s Room” on it and has a picture of Minnie Mouse in the middle. I can’t remember when this happened but one day it went missing. On Christmas Day I was opening my gifts and Mom passed me one that was from my Neice. I opened it up and there it was! She took it off my door, wrapped it up and gave it to me as a Christmas gift!

What’s the funniest thing that you’ve ever seen your neice (or other young family member) do or heard them say? Tell me in the comments!


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