Books I think should be movies part 2

Hey blog world! I’ve done a lot of thinking and have managed to come up with more ideas for books that I totally think should be movies!

“Pinkalicious” by Victoria Kann . My Neice loves this book! I was bored one day so I read it just for something to do and I thought it was actually pretty good. I’m sure little girls everywhere would love to see Pinkalicious (and yes that is the real name of the girl on the front cover) on the big screen! I’d like to see Allisyn Ashley Arm  as Pinkalicious!

“The Cat In The Hat Comes Back” by Dr Seuss . “The Cat In The Hat” was a super great movie and since the book has a sequel they should turn it into a movie as well! If this does happen I think Mike Myers should totally come back and be the cat again !

Any of the “Hank Zipzer” books by Henry Winkler . I’ve only read one of the books in the Hank Zipzer series but I plan on reading more. Hank is a kid with dyslexia in the 5th grade (well actually in his newest book which I read about online somewhere he’s going to 6th) and lives in an apartment with his parents, his sister (and her Iguana which she wears around her neck all the time) and his dog named cheerio. It would be awesome to see Hank on the big screen one day! I think the role of Hank would be good for Jake Short to play.

“Carly’s Voice” by Arthur Fleischmann . We’ve seen her on TV (“The Talk” and also “20/20”, she has her own café and now she has her own book! I definately think that Carly’s inspiring story needs to be told on the big screen!

“Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish . She takes things WAY to seriously! That’s what makes her so funny! I remember my special ed teacher in elementary school would always take me to the school library and we’d pick out books to read together and I’d always get one of these! If Amelia Bedelia were turned into a movie I think Jane Kaczmarek should play her!

What books do you think should be turned into movies? Tell me in the comments!


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