Date Day

Hey blog world! As you can guess by the title today was a date day with my boyfriend! I phoned him up and invited him over and while I waited for him to return my call Mom and I swam with our nextdoor neighbor and her son in their pool they have installed on their deck! It was so much fun! Pretty soon there was an entire crowd of people there and it turned into a full fledge pool party! Later when my boyfriend came we got back into the pool together! We had a bit of a water war. The neighbors have water guns at their pool so me, him, our neighbor and another one of my friends who came over put them to use and started blasting eachother! It was awesome! When we got out of the pool we went inside for a bit and he showed me this online comic called TwoKinds (which you can check out at this link!) It’s about a human and a anthromoporphic Tigress! I thought it was really good! After that we played “Battle For Bikini Bottom” on my Wii! We couldn’t get past the part of Sandy’s dream where you have to slide on the big red, white and blue slide and jump over trucks of manure to get to the golden spatula but we had fun trying! Also we attempted taking on a swarm of robots in the Krusty Krab and failed miserably but we once again had fun at that. Once we were done we played a game that we were both much better at, “Crash Bandicoot Warped” for playstation. My boyfriend also dowloaded Cave Story on my computer and showed me how to play it. I love the music (here’s a sample and I thought that the game was lots of fun too! I totally reccommend it! To end off our day together Dad cooked a delicious barbeque and we had a bonfire as well! We roasted marshmallows! It was yummy! I had such a great day with my boyfriend and can’t wait to go on another date with him soon! What was your best date with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Tell me in the comments!


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