Camping at Butterpot

Hey blog world! I just got back from the campsite me and my family were at for a week. We camped out at Butterpot park! The drive out was kinda long but I had fun! It was all thanks to Kids Place Live on SIRIUS XM (channel 78). I know it’s the kids station but they play lots of great songs! I loved getting to hear “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al Yankovic “Kitty Fight” by Joe McDermott and “The Rainbow Connection” by Kermit on the way to our campsite. When we got there I loved it! I thought it was really pretty! There was plenty of space to play outside, lots of Chipmunks and Squirrels (or Scaredy’s  and Alvins  as my neice and I called them just for fun) that came to visit and there was a fire pit! One of my favorite parts about the camping trip was definately sleeping in a tent! Unfortunately on Monday night it was raining and Dad and Mom didn’t want to put the tent up in the rain so we piled in the car and since we hadn’t eaten yet we went to the Golden Phoenix! I had lots of yummy food there! I even tried their pigs in a blanket (bacon wrapped Vienna Saussages (I think that’s what they were)) and I really liked them. My desert was a little unusual (a plate of 2 gherkin pickles and a bowl of chocolate ice cream (don’t judge me)) but I thought it was really yummy too! After we ate we went home and spent the night in our own beds. On Tuesday we finally got our tent set up so we were able to spend the night in it. I spent most of the day Tuesday (and Monday) playing with a neat ball popper thing Mom had bought for me at Dollarama! It was a kind of cone shaped thing with a plastic thingy on the inside and when you pulled it’s trigger the plastic thing would move somehow and the ball that came with it would shoot up into the air! My record for catching the ball was 12! No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t beat my record or my mom’s (21)! My Neice’s record was 5 and she wasn’t too happy that she wasn’t able to beat that! At least she didn’t give up! Also on Tuesday my DVD player was low on battery so we decided to charge it up. Mom told me and my Neice to go into the bathroom and use one of the outlets there to charge it up. How weird would this look, 2 kids sitting on the bench by the shower stalls in the bathroom watching “Daddy Daycare” while waiting for my DVD player to charge! We couldn’t finish our film because it wouldn’t charge up and nearly died on us so we ended up looking like fools for nothing! On Tuesday for our supper we had a barbeque! Dad made steak, baked potatoes, hotdogs and corn! It was delicious! For desert we had a campfire where we roasted marshmallows and weiners while singing “The Campfire Song Song” and also “F.U.N” (my Dad laughed the most at Plankton’s version!) We set a few marshmallows on fire but we had fun! Wednesday was of course Regatta day so we listened to that on our portable radio and also that day since charging my DVD player in the bathroom didn’t work my Neice and I found an outlet in the laundromat so we sat on the laundromat floor and charged it. Again I’m sure we probably looked kinda foolish! Also we learned that you cannot charge it and watch a movie at the same time so we just sat there on the floor chatting. An old guy came in whilst we were doing this and I don’t know what was going through his mind but I’m sure he probably thought we were nuts! Later that day Mom and Dad took a walk but we didn’t wanna tag along so we asked them to drop us off at the playground near the other end of the park because my Neice wanted to check out that one. I figured just for fun I’d go with her. We played badminton for a while and then we used the playground equipment. We swung, went on the teeter totter and slid down the slide. When we got tired of that we sat down on the bench and began having a conversation about our dreams. My neice’s dreams are incredibly elaborate and amazing! She’s dreamed about gummi bears coming to life, being kidnapped by Mr. Electric then saved by Sharkboy and Lavagirl and I can’t remember many of her other dreams but they were amazing! The weirdest dream that I had this week was definately the one I had on Wednesday night. I dreamed that I woke up on the 1st day of High School and my left pinkie finger was missing! When Mom and Dad came back to get us mom decided instead of going the way we came we’d take the hiking trail and that was not a good idea! I’m not sure but I think we took probably 2 hours to get back to our campsite and everyone (accept somehow Mom) was getting tired! That night was so much fun because it’s a regatta day tradition for Paul Raynes to do an extra Cabin Party on VOCM! I loved listening to it! Yesterday Mom and my Neice and Dad and I played badminton together and later on in the day we went for a swim. The pond at the swim beach at the park was kinda cold but it wasn’t that bad. The one thing I didn’t understand about the pond was how a cinderblock got inside it! On the way to the pond we were listening to Kids Place Live again and “7 Days Of The Week” by They Might Be Giants came on and I had it stuck in my head instantly! I was humming it almost the whole time I was swimming! Today was a very short day at the campsite. We just woke up, packed up and headed home. I had such a great week at Butterpot and can’t wait to go camping in Gross Mourne next week (I’ll blog about that once I get back)! Did you get to go camping yet this summer? What was your favorite part about it? Tell me in the comments!


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