My top 10 favorite shows

Hey blog world! Earlier today I was talking with my Boyfriend and he mentioned that he had a list of his top 10 favorite shows. That gave me the idea to post my top 10 list here on my blog! Here it is!

#10 “Arthur” . I don’t care how old I am I will forever love this show! It’s hillarious and you learn life lessons! As I’ve said before my favorite character on this show is George  the dyslexic ventrilloquist moose! My favorite episode (as I’ve also said before) is “When Carl Met George”. Here’s a link

#9 “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” . I actually didn’t think I’d like this show! Just for fun I watched it last Wednesday and I ended up loving it! Alana (a.k.a Honey Boo Boo Child) is a sassy little diva but she and her family are so funny! They unfortunately had to return him but I thought that even though he was loud their pet pig Glitzy was kinda cute (by the way Glitzy is a boy. Alana decided to make him a gay pig and dress him up like a princess so they could do pageants together. I’ve never heard of gay animals before but I’m totally cool with that! Glitzy looks so cute in the little tiara!) 

#8 “Good Luck Charlie” . The Duncan family is so dysfunctional and hillarious! My favorite character on this show is definately Charlie! She’s adorable and also very funny! My 2nd favorite character is her sister Teddy. I can’t remember the name of the episode but I loved it when she and that other girl that Spencer was cheating on did the “Two Timin Pig” rap

#7 “Funny Or Die’s Billy On The Street” . I have heard of “Funny Or Die” because for some reason an ad telling me to go to it’s page and like it keeps appearing on the side of facebook when I’m trying to play “Bubble Witch Saga” LOL! I have never been to the “Funny Or Die” website before but I did come across this show one night while channel surfing. Great job Will Ferrel (the creator of “Funny Or Die”)! This show is about a really cool guy named Billy Eichner who hosts a game show on the street (thus the name of the show). He walks up to unsuspecting pedestrians and plays games like “For A Dollar”, “Sho Nuff or No She Din’t” and the main game “Quizzed In The Face” where people can win money if they answer 2 rounds of questions correctly and in the 3rd round they must share Billy’s taste in pop culture. It’s super funny and I’ve learned a few things too! I wish this show was being filmed while I was in New York! I would have loved to meet Billy and be on his show!

#6 “Zoink’d” . “Zoink’d” is basically a messy, adults only “America’s Got Talent” with kid judges. On this show adults have a minute to impress the 4 kid judges and if 3 of the judges hate them and pull their levers they’ll get zoink’d. Getting zoink’d means that they get goo all over them! As much as I love watching the zoink’s I also love watching the cleanup! It’s like watching the 2 dudes at the hockey rink fixing the glass when the players break it! It’s so cool! The winner of “Zoink’d” gets to win $1000 so you can bet that I’m gonna try out when I get older! Speaking of tryouts they’re going on right now so go to this link for more info!

#5 “Piers Morgan Tonight” . I’m in a love/hate relationship with Piers. I love him on “Piers Morgan Tonight” but yet hate (actually now that he’s no longer one I guess it’s hated) him as a judge on AGT! Anyways I watch this show (almost) every night! I’m not into politics so I don’t watch episodes where he interview Mitt Romney, Newt Gingritch or any of the other political dudes. My favorite people that Piers  has interviewed are Betty White, Bruno Mars and Morgan Freeman. Piers has done some cool and funny stuff on his show. For example he’s gotten his blood pressure checked by Dr Oz, fed Beyoncé, boxed with Manny Pacquiao and played tennis with Serena Williams!

#4 “Kortney and Dave By Request” . This show I was super lucky enough to be on! I felt so awesome when I got to skype with these 2 wonderful people! This show is a show where Kortney and Dave Wilson (the people in the picture) play dedications of songs for people who send them into them at It’s such a funny, touching and all around amazing show!

#3 “Storage Wars” . I gotta give a real big thanks to my Aunt because she’s the one that brought the wow factor into my life by showing me this show! It’s about these 5 people Barry, Brandi, Darrel, Dave and Jerrod and the treasures they find (or don’t find) while buying storage lockers. My favorite buyer is definately Barry Weiss. He’s weird and wonderful! You never know what he’s gonna do next! He brought a psychic to an auction, wore all green to an auction hoping it’d bring him luck and he even used a motorized toy helicopter with a camera attached to see what was inside one of the lockers! Watching this show makes me want to one day go to a storage auction! They look like so much fun!

#2 “The Doctors” . This is such an awesome show! I never miss an episode of it! It’s hosted by the 4 doctors in the picture. Plastic Surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon, pediatrician Dr Jim Sears, OB/GYN Dr Lisa Masterson and ER physician (and heartthrob) Dr Travis Stork. Every day these guys have a different topic. For example here’s what this weeks topics were They always give out loads of really helpful information like how to give a dog CPR, how to use a fire extinguisher, and also they taught us the purpose of your uvula! I absolutely can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this season!

#1 “What Would You Do” . I’m totally extatic for the new season that starts September 14th! If only John Q and his crew would come to Newfoundland to see what we would do (I just made a poem LOL!) WWYD is a hidden camera show where actors act out different scenarios in public and we see weather people would (in the words of John Q (he’s the host of the show)) “Step in, step up or step away”. The scenario that has touched me the most was definately this one from last season

What’s your favorite TV show? Tell me in the comments!


Celebrities I’d like to shake hands with part 3

Hey blog world! Here’s the 3rd installment of my list of celeb’s who’s hands I would love to shake!

Dan Dotson (the auctioneer from “Storage Wars”) : I’d like to shake hands with Dan because he’s such a cool person! He can speak super duper fast! He did say that anyone can do it and it’s not brain surgery but I think he’s definately the best there is!

Barry Weiss (one of the buyers on “Storage Wars”) : Barry is my favorite buyer on “Storage Wars”! He always finds some of the coolest stuff in the units he buys! One thing is definately for sure I would absolutely LOVE to shake hands with him but I don’t think I’d like to go for a drive with him because he’s already gotten himself lost twice on the show (once with his mom and once with someone else)!

Tom Kenny (actor) : I’d love to shake hands with this guy because he’s my favorite voice over actor! He does the voices of some of my favorite cartoon characters like Jake Spidermonkey from “My Gym Partner’s A Monkey”, Scoutmaster Lumpus from “Camp Lazlo” and my absolute favorite one of Tom Kenny’s roles is Spongebob from “Spongebob Squarepants”!

Duane “Dog” Chapman (bounty hunter) : Dog is such a cool person! You definately wouldn’t wanna mess with him though! Not only do I wanna shake hands with Dog but I think it’d be kinda neat to pray with him since he’s a fellow Christian! That would be really cool!

Hayley Okines (author and TV star) : She is a 14 year old British girl with a disease called Progeria. It makes her age a lot quicker than other people. I can’t remember the name of it but I saw a special about her on TLC. It was really interesting. Hayley’s parents were told she was only going to live til 13 but she survived! On her website she says she’s not even worried about dying. What an inspiration! This is why I’d like to shake hands with her one day.

Bri Jordan (reality TV star) : I fell in love with Bri instantly after watching “Big Tiny” for the first time last night on TLC. She’s a 23 year old primordial dwarf with quite the eye for fashion! In last nights episode of “Big Tiny” she designed her own dress! It looked beautiful! She’s sassy, funny and downright awesome! I’d probably have to bend down to do it but I’d love to shake her hand someday!

Howie Mandel (comedian, author and actor) : I would love to but can’t shake hands with Howie. The reason is because he’s a germaphobe he doesn’t shake peoples hands. He fist bumps instead. It’s the next best thing so it’ll work for me!

Gerry Dee (comedian) : He’s another one of my favorite stand up comics! His bit about the kid in his class named Bruno is my favorite! I unfortunately missed out on him when he came to Newfoundland in May but if he ever comes back I will definately try my best to get tickets so I can see him live and hopefully shake his hand!

Travis Stork (ER physician, host of “The Doctors”) : He is one cute doctor! He’s also got lots of useful information that he tells us on the show! I love watching him (and the other doctors) everyday! One day I’d love to see the show live and shake hands with Travis!

Which celebrities would you like to shake hands with? Tell me in the comments!

Top 10 singers I wanna see live

Hey blog world! I did a post about stand up comics I wanted to see live so I figured I’d do another one but about singers that I want to see live!

#10 Tom Jones . My Dad got me into his music. He bought me one of his concerts on DVD and I loved it! I hope he comes to Newfoundland someday so I can see him live! If he comes I’ll definately bring my Neice along with me because she absolutely loves “What’s New Pussycat” My favorite Tom Jones song is “Delilah”

#9 Bruno Mars . Bruno is awesome! I can’t think of a song that he sings that I don’t like. If I had to pick a favorite it would definately be a tie between “Grenade” and “Just The Way You Are”

#8 Terry Fator . Terry may be up on stage but it’s not him doing the singing. It’s his puppets! For example the one in the picture is Winston the impersonating turtle. Winston is a very special turtle because with his rendition of Roy Orbisons “Crying” he helped Terry win season 2 of AGT! I think Winston is cute but my favorite one of Terry’s singing puppets is Walter T Airdale . My favorite song that I’ve heard Walter sing is “Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks

#7 Taylor Swift . Taylor is one of my favorite female country artists! I like the slow songs that she sings but I like her fast ones better. My favorite Taylor Swift song is “Mean” If Taylor did come here in concert I would definately take one of my best friends with me because Taylor is her favorite singer!

#6 Katy Perry . I love Katy’s outfits! They’re always so creative! The dress she wore in the “California Girls” video was so pretty! I also love Katy’s songs! They’re all so much fun! My favorite is “Firework”

#5 Weird Al Yankovic . Weird Al is hillarious! I like some of his songs better than the original versions! My favorite song by Weird Al is “The Saga Begins”

#4 Gord Bamford . Gord is such a cool person! Not only is he a father of 2 but also he’s a country singer! A very passionate one at that. He’s also one of my favorites! He’s a very sweet father because he’s written 2 songs for his kids and also he has a fun side and has written several fun songs about Friday, drinking and other stuff! My favorite song by Gord Bamford is “Stayed Til Two”

#3 Lady Gaga . She has some of the most amazing outfits I’ve ever seen! She’s the female Elton John ! My favorite Lady Gaga outfit was her Kermit outfit . My favorite song by Lady Gaga is “Edge Of Glory” If Lady Gaga ever came here I’d definately take my Dad with me because he is a HUGE fan of her and her music!

#2 Brad Paisley . Brad is another one of my favorite male country singers. A lot of his songs are super funny and great to dance to. I also love Brad’s guitar playing! It’s totally epic! My favorite Brad Paisley song is “Online”

#1 Mauricio Herrera . He was my favorite contestant on AGT last season and I would give anything to see him live! Then I could learn how to strike his famous pose (I’ve tried before and failed miserably) and listen to his beautiful voice! My favorite song that Mauricio sings is definately his cover of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra

What bands or singers do you wanna see live? Tell me in the comments!

“Dog Days” Movie Review

Hey blog world! I went to the theater today with my Mom, Neice and BFF and we saw “Dog Days” (the new “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” movie.) I thought it was hillarious! It was a whole lot different from the book though. For example Chirag, Fregley, Rowley and Greg go on a camping trip with the Wilderness Scouts, Greg and Rowley DO get to ride the cranium shaker, they don’t start their own lawn mowing buisness etc. I usually like the book better than the movie but I kinda like the movie a little better than the book this time! I learned a few lessons from watching this movie. Here are 2 of them! 1 be nice to people because you never know when you might need their help (Greg was mean to a little girl in line for the diving board and when he dove he lost his pants and landed in the pool naked. He looked to the girl for help but instead she threw his trunks out of his reach) and 2 don’t answer your door while holding a knife (Greg accidentaly called 911 on his ladybug cell phone and when the cops came Mr Jefferson answered the door while holding a knife he was using to cut bread and he got arrested). There were a lot of really really funny parts in this movie! My favorite parts were when Bill (that’s the name of the Dad) and Greg were trying to get Tingy (that’s Manny’s favorite blanket) back from Sweetie (their dog) and they couldn’t get it back from him so Bill had the idea to use the pot roast that Susan (that’s the name of the Mom) had made to get it away from Sweetie. When Sweetie released Tingy Bill would pull away the pot roast. They tried that and it nearly worked. Sweetie released Tingy but held onto the pot roast. They finally got it back from him but it was covered in slobber so they rinsed it off and gave it back to the rest of the family to eat. They all loved it but I thought it was disgusting (yet funny), I also liked the part when Greg and Rowley were riding the cranium shaker and Rowley said “In case we don’t make it there’s something I have to tell you. Sometimes I forget to wash my hands after using the bathroom.” Then Greg says “One time I used your toothbrush to get dog poop off my shoe!” There was 1 part that I really hated. As you all know I despise JB (I have forbidden myself from saying his name so just guess at what the initials stand for) and unfortunately for me (and other non beliebers) Rodrick sang “Baby” at Heather Hills’s sweet 16! I hated that part so much that I covered my ears! All in all I loved this movie and give it a 10 out of 10! Have you seen it yet? Tell me what your favorite part was in the comments!

Cool deceased celebs

Hey blog world! Earlier today at Subway with my friends E and L we were talking about AGT and I brought up Piers. E said “Thank God he’s gone” and L thought she meant he was dead. I said no he’s not and then we started a conversation about celebrities who have died that we really liked! Here are a few celebrities who are no longer with us that I loved and definately miss!

Andy Griffith (June 1st 1926-July 3rd 2012) . I wrote the blog post “Remembering Andy” to let you guys know about his death. It was definately one of the saddest days ever! The world lost an incredibly kind and funny person! I love Sherrif Taylor and am super thankful for the miracle of DVD so I can keep his spirit alive by watching the DVD’s I have of TAGS!

John Denver (December 31st 1943-October 12th 1997) . Like several celebrities John was unfortunately in a plane crash. He was the pilot. I grew up on John’s music and have several fond memories of his songs. When I was little (age 5 through 8 I think) Dad would sing me songs before bed. Some nights he’d sing me “Annie’s Song” and some night’s he’d sing me “Country Roads” Also at my last music recital I got to sing “Follow Me”! I have also learned to play “Country Roads” on the piano and you can bet I’ll definately play that on October 12th to remember him by!

Richard Dawson  (November 20th 1932-June 2nd 2012). I was super happy when I saw his birthday! My night has just been made knowing that we share a birthday! Richard was an amazing actor who always made me laugh! He was hillarious on “Match Game”! Especially when he’d impersonate Brett I also loved watching him on “Family Feud”. In fact he was my favorite host (no offense Steve, Richard (Karn) and John!) I felt so jealous of all the female contestants because he gave them kisses! I would have loved to get a kiss from him!

Richard Jeni (April 14th 1957-March 10th 2007) . Richard (a.k.a The Plattypus Man) was a stand up comic and he was super funny! I loved his “Date Song” (“Oh, I really like kids, I don’t care much for sports, I love scented candles and I don’t believe in divorce. Tell me more about your cat, I’m hanging on every word! LIAR!”) I also loved his joke about red wine and PMS! (This clip contains coarse language viewer discretion is advised).

Jim Croce (January 10th 1943-September 20th 1973) . Yet another plane crash victim. He was a musician. In fact he’s another one of the singers I grew up listening to. Some nights before bed Dad would sing me “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” Also he had a Jim Croce cassette tape for his car and he’d always play it when he drove places with me. I can’t remember the name of the episode but I was watching “Family Guy” one day and Mort  was singing “I Got A Name” while re stocking the shelves of his pharmacy I had never heard the song before but really liked it. It instantly became one of my favorite songs!

Stan and Jan Berenstain (Stan September 29th 1923-November 26th 2005, Jan July 26th 1923-Febuary 24th 2012) . I love “The Berenstain Bears” books! Then again who doesn’t? I own each and every single one of them and now my Mom reads them to my Neice before she goes to bed. My favorite one of the books is “The Berenstain Bears Cook It”. It’s a story about Papa, Brother and Sister making breakfast in bed for Mama. On the bottom of each page it includes tips and how to’s so you can do what they did for your Mom/Dad. I also love watching the TV series. I’m not sure of the name of the episode but my favorite one was the one where Papa kept trying to predict the weather but was always wrong and Mama taught the cubs to not sit around wishing the weather was like yesterday. Instead go outside and enjoy what today had to offer.

Ken Kostick (June 1st 1953-April 21st 2011) . I made a post about his death as well. It was called “Remembering Ken”. He was a chef with 2 different TV shows. “What’s For Dinner” and “He Said She Said”. Out of both of them “He Said She Said” was my favorite! The stuff he made always looked so yummy and I’ve always wanted to try it! Not only did he make my mouth water but he also made me laugh. He’d always crack jokes in the kitchen and poke fun at his co host and I’d always crack up laughing!

Conway Twitty (September 1st 1933-June 5th 1993) . Conway was a country singer. One of my favorite ones! I can’t remember where I first heard him (I think it was my grandparents) but I know I started listening to and loving him at a young age. I have Conway on my iPod and I have an old box set of “Hee Haw” DVD’s and he’s on 2 of them! Here’s one of those performances Out of all of them my favorite song that he sings is “Hello Darlin”. I remember being in bed once listening to the cabin party and this song came on. I started slow dancing to it with my koala webkinz! It was so cute!

Leslie Nielsen (Febuary 11th 1926-November 28th 2010) . Mom never liked him but Dad and I did! He was one of our favorite actors! He’s super funny! My very first Leslie Nielsen movie was “Naked Gun” I liked it so much that I had to see the other 2 as well. They were both great but I liked the first one the best. Though Leslie is a hillarious spy my favorite one of his roles was definately Count Dracula in “Dracula Dead and Loving It”

Michael Jackson (August 29th 1958-June 25th 2009)  . Michael was the King of Pop. He and my boyfriend both absolutely LOVE  him! Although we both have different feelings towards Conrad Murray. Anyway not only do I like Michael’s singing but I love his dancing as well! He was an amazing dancer! The Moonwalk was my favorite dance move he did! My favorite song that he did was “Smooth Criminal”

Which of your favorite celebrities have passed on? Tell me in the comments!

Teddy Bear Picnic

Hey blog world! Today was so much fun! It was the 35th anual Teddy Bear Picnic at Bannerman park! I was so happy that it went ahead because it had already been cancelled twice due to weather so I was glad that it wasn’t cancelled this time. For those of you who have been missing out for 35 years and don’t know what the Teddy Bear picnic is it’s a HUGE outdoor Terry Rielly concert for teddy bears and people of all ages! Terry Rielly  is a Children’s entertainer from right here in Newfoundland who is known to us Newfoundlanders as not just Terry Rielly but also the Teddy Bear Man because he owns loads of and sings songs about Teddies (for example the one in the picture is named Faith.) This years picnic was super special because #1 I had brought my friends E and L (I don’t know if they want their names mentioned so I’ll just use the first letters) with me and it was their very first time and #2 Harry had been found and Terry brought him to the picnic! Harry is a very special teddy bear. He’d been with Terry for several years and the 2 have recorded several albums together! Unfortunately about 5 or 6 years ago Harry was stolen and Terry couldn’t find him at all. Thankfully today he told us that a while ago (I forget when it was) Harry had been found! Terry told us that he walked into a Salvation Army store one and found Harry sitting there on the shelf. Aparently Harry asked Terry if they could go home now LOL! I was so happy that Harry had been found! Terry started off his concert today the same way he started the picnic for the past 35 years. By singing the Teddy Bear Picnic song! He also sang lots of songs off his CD “Oh Me Nerves It’s The Beary Best Of Terry Rielly” like “I Don’t Know” (which is my favorite one), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (which he kept screwing up the words to LOL), “Winnie The Pooh” (no not the one that goes “Willie nilly silly old bear”. It’s a different one which he wrote himself) and “Skinnamarink”. He also sang a bunch of new songs as well like “Dancing With Our Teddy Bears” which I got to help out with. He had brought along his lovely stick (which is actually a homemade ugly stick  but Terry calls his a lovely stick) and asked for an audience member to come up and play it for him while he sang that song. I had my hand up high in the air and he picked me. The awesomest part was that he remembered me! I’d been going to his concerts since I was super young and he recognised who I was. My arm was super tired after the song but I had a great time keeping the beat with the lovely stick! At the end of the concert I bought a brand new button to add to my collection and I even got a picture with Terry! I was so glad to get to see him again (and even gladder that her remembered me!) Then I went to the playground for a little while with E and L. We swung on the swings, slid on the slide and I can’t quite remember what else we did LOL. When we left Bannerman park we went to Subway together for our lunch! Yum yum! I had a great day at the picnic today! Did you go? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!

Fictional crushes

Hey blog world! I don’t have one anymore because I have a boyfriend but before I met him I had several crushes on several fictional characters (please don’t think that’s weird!) Here are some of the fictional crushes I had.

Billy Blazes from “Rescue Heroes” . He’s tall, has a moustache, I really like the sound of his voice and he saves lives! What more could a girl ask for! I got over him a few years after the cancellation of “Rescue Heroes” though.

Beaker from “The Muppets” . I was in love with him in grade 7 but sometime that year for a reason I can’t remember I moved on and found a new animated crush

Elmo from “Sesame Street” . Even though I didn’t know he was a boy for several years I still thought he was adorable! I still do! I think this crush was when I was maybe 7 or 8 and I can’t remember when it stopped.

Sportacus from “LazyTown” . I had a crush on him when I was 9 I think. Not only did I find him (and his moustache) cute but I loved his accent and awesome moves! I got over him probably when I was 11.

Do you or did you ever have a crush on a fictional character? Tell me in the comments!