Camp Hollywood show

Hey blog world! Yesterday was performance day at camp hollywood! It was so much fun! The zipper on my Morticia dress was broken so we had to use a safety pin to keep it together. It kept coming apart and that wouldn’t be good if that happened during the show! Thankfully the director of the camp took it and sewed straps onto it! It was much less harder to get apart that way! Before the performance the director went out in front of the audience said a little welcome speech and then made everyone in the audience say that they didn’t care if we forgot a line or a dance move but they did care if we lost our pants LOL! Once they had all said this the show began! I had a small blooper during “Phantom Of The Opera”. My mask fell off! I didn’t let it bother me though. I just continued on with the show. When it came time to do “Popular” with the Halloweentown crowd we had to hop on one foot and switch places in line and since I had heels on it wasn’t very easy! At least I got through the rest of the dance ok. My scene went really well too. I flubbed a line and Fester forgot his rope (which he was supposed to use to rig the electric chair he had set up for Pugsley) but other than that our scene went great! The 2nd show went great as well! My mask didn’t fall off during “Phantom Of The Opera” so I was quite happy about that and our scene went really well again! The best part of both shows was definately “Thriller”! I loved doing the dance and singing it! It’s one of my favorite MJ songs! Everyone in both shows did an awesome job and I can’t wait til next summer to go back again! Have you ever been in Camp Hollywood? What’s your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


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