AGT final quarterfinals

Hey blog world! Tuesday night was the final performance round of the semi finals! Man what a show! The first act of the night was David the bullet Smith. He attempted scoring a human field goal by shooting himself all the way across a football field! I wasn’t sure weather or not he’d succeed or not but he did! When they went back inside and critiqued his act Sharon suggested he get shot over a pit of aligators on fire. Howie suggested that he shoot himself out of Nick Cannon. I don’t know how he’d do that but if he finds a way I’m not sure I wanna see it! The firey aligators though may be interesting! After David was “All That” (by the way I wonder if they got their name from the 90’s sketch comedy show They clogged to “Black Betty” by Ram Jam I loved their song choice! Their dancing was great too. Sharon suggested that next time they wear leather pants, no shirts and oil themselves. I for one hope they don’t take that advice because I really don’t wanna see them turn their act into “Magic Mike Live”! One suggestion I have for them is (if they didn’t do it in Vegas ( I forget which song it was they did)) to clog to “Centerfold” by the J Geils Band After All That was one of my favorite acts! Ulysses! He played the piano (something I had no idea he could do) and sang the theme from “American Bandstand” He got 3 X’s but I thought he was great! Also Sharon Osbourne said he looked like Yogi Bear in a suit and I’m not sure weather that was a compliment or not but I think he looked great in the suit! If he gets picked for wildcard (he was eliminated) I think he should do the “Three’s Company” theme! After Ulysses was Joe Castillo. He is an incredible sand artist! He created the world, several different animals and God’s eye crying a tear! Howard thinks he should loose the beret but I think it looks good on him. I think the one who needs to loose the beret is Howard. He tried it on and I didn’t think it looked good on him at all! After Joe was Sebastian El Charro De Oro. He serenaded Sharon tonight with “Besame Mucho” and gave her a rose. The title of the song traslates to “Kiss me much” so he basically tried ruining Ozzy’s love life tonight LOL! After Sebastien was another favorite of mine. Eric Dittleman the mind reader! He played “Deal Or No Deal” with Howie and blew my mind once again by correctly predicting the case he was gonna pick. I wonder how he did it? William Close was up next. I was hoping he’d create a new instrument to play for us but he returned with his MASSIVE earth harp. It was once again a great performance. After them was unity in motion. I can’t really critique their act because since I’m not a big fan I wasn’t really paying attention! After them was Eric and Olivia. Olivia sang a jazzy version of “Dynomite” by Taio Cruz while Eric played it on the guitar. Howie once again thought itw as meant more for a coffee shop but I really enjoyed it! They’re one of my favorites! After them was Lindsey Norton. She’s a ballet version of Turf accept she’s not as disturbing. She does a few contortions and does beautiful ballet! I have a feeling that Cirque Du Soleil will be knocking on her door any day now! After her was one of my least favorite acts. Horse. He is extremely stupid! I can barely think of any words I can use to explain his act. One thing that I do know is that he doesn’t belong on AGT. He belongs on either “Tosh.0” or “Jackass”. The final act of the night was the Olate dogs! Once again those adorable little pooches didn’t fail to impress! They were incredible once again! They danced, back flipped and did all kinds of amazing stunts! Last night was the results show and 7 of the acts got eliminated. Yes blog world I said 7. There are usually 8 acts eliminated but last night Sharon made an exception. The 5 acts put through were Olate dogs, William Close, Joe Castillo, Eric Dittleman and All That. All That was actually eliminated because both Howie and Howard chose Dittleman. Sharon decided to keep All That in the competition by selecting them as one of her wildcards (she gets 2 others.) What were your thoughts on this weeks performance and eliminations? Tell me in the comments!

P.S no AGT for 3 weeks because of the olympics!


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