Camp Hollywood

Hey blog world! Today was the 2nd last day of camp hollywood! It’s an awesome musical theater camp where we act, sing, dance and put off our own show at the end of the week! Our show has a scary theme! It’s a bunch of different scarry/halloween type sketches. I get to be in an Addams Family sketch! I’m playing Morticia ! There are a bunch of other sketches too! There’s a Monster High sketch, a Harry Potter sketch, a haunted house (a.k.a the Addams Families house) sketch and the little pee wee kids (by pee wee I mean 5 and up) are doing a sketch about ghosts, a muppets sketch (which includes 1 “Sesame Street” character) and a sketch about monsters! We also have 2 group numbers! “Thriller” by MJ and a spooky version of “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”! It’s sure to be a great show! Aside from rehearsing all our dance numbers and lines and such we also do improv! Yesterday’s improv was totally epic! Me and the rest of the kids in my scene created a word by word story! Basically how we did that was our improv instructer said a word then the person sitting next to him said another and it continued on like that until we had finished our story. Our word by word story was about a monkey named Kevin. Kevin had a job as an accountant and he loved bananas and Madonna . Unfortunately for poor Kevin his appartment burned down :(! That was the end of our story. A little while later that day we played another improv game! It was called Oscar moment! Me and the kids in my scene got up on stage and our improv instructor gave us a word which was what our scene would have to be about. Our word was “Spoon”. We had a minute to come up with a scene idea and this is what we came up with. A girl who was afraid of spoons. Every so often our improv instructor would yell out “OSCAR MOMENT!” Then he would give us a category and using said category we would have to continue our scene for a while. One category we got was best educational film. I then took a spoon and began explaining to the girl who was afraid of them what they are and how they are used. Another category we were given was best horror film. That one was easy. We just chased the poor girl around with spoons until the improv instructor said “Regular moment” and we continued on our scene normally. My favorite oscar moment that was called out was best original score. We had to turn our scene into a musical! It was awesome! I strongly suggest you try playing Oscar moments someday! You will laugh hysterically and have a super awesome time! Another really cool thing we did at camp was we painted masks! We are going to use them in Friday’s show! We’re all gonna put them on and walk out on stage to “Phantom Of The Opera” from “Phantom Of The Opera” Mine is really pretty! It’s pink with a green circle around one eye, a yellow circle around the other, a purple nose and I’m gonna glitter it tomorrow! We also learned how to do stage makeup today! We were taught how to make a werewolf bite! Complete with werewolf fur! It looked gross on the model but it was so cool! What’s the best summer camp you’ve ever been to? Tell me in the comments!


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