Concerned Children’s Advertisers

Hey blog world! Yesterday I was watching TV at my Grandparents house and they get the really high up stations! I turned on one that I don’t get here at home called CTS. It’s some kind of religious station. In the mornings they have a few kids shows on and during commercial breaks they play nothing but those “Get up and play an hour a day” ads and Concerned Children’s Advertisers PSA’s. Some of which I haven’t seen in a long time. One of the ones that they showed was “We Are Girls” which is a PSA on girls empowerment. It’s basically a bunch of girls saying stuff like “We will not let boys have all the sports” and other stuff like that. I also saw the ad with the kid running from his “fan club” or in other words the mob of girls trying to kiss him. The poor kid is huffing and puffing and is clearly tired. Unfortunately for the poor kid the girls all catch up to him and kiss him all over his face! It’s an ad about staying fit. At the end it even says “Stay fit, cause you never know”. They had another one of the same theme as well that they aired during commercial breaks. It was the one with the kids running toward the ice cream truck who also were getting tired and they didn’t get their ice cream (I think. I can’t remember.) They also showed the ad with Timmy and the bully (and no I don’t mean Timmy Turner. I mean a human kid named Timmy.) The bully is following him around saying what he’s gonna do to him but Timmy triumphs over the bully by telling his Mom therefore making the bully (who wasn’t really there. He was just in Timmy’s imagination) dissappear. I didn’t even realize that was a CCA PSA until I saw it yesterday! They put the logo in the bottom right corner and make it really small so I didn’t see it as a kid. One ad that I’m surprised (and disappointed) that they didn’t air was my favorite one! The media monkey! It’s an adorable and hillarious ad about this girl who begins by watching a weight loss program on TV and then the monkey switches stations, then she goes to the computer to check out a weight loss website and the monkey pulls the plug and when she tries to look through a weight loss magazine the monkey eats the page (maybe it smelled like bananas LOL!) I also like the “Smart As You” PSA as well (which they also unfortunately didn’t air!) It’s the one with the purple talking TV set with the face who talks to you (word of advice blog world. As my friend told me once “When the TV starts talking to you directly that’s when you should go to bed!”) A CCA ad that I don’t understand is the one with the kid who’s on the computer and for some unknown reason he removes his head, lays it on the computer desk and break dances! His moves are epic but to this day I still wonder why he took off his head! It doesn’t seem necessary! What’s your favorite Concerned Children’s Advertisers PSA? Tell me in the comments!


One thought on “Concerned Children’s Advertisers

  1. CTS is now called “Yes TV” and it airs religious shows in the daytime and reruns of old shows in the evening. My favorite PSA is obviously “House Hippo”, but the blue monsters, the talking TV and the kid beheading himself creep me out.

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