Hey blog world! When my parents got new cars they came with SIRIUS XM satelite radio! I am a HUGE fan of it! There are lots and lots of awesome stations to listen too! Some of my favorites are

#78 Kids Place Live: I know I’m not exactly a kid anymore but this station is really cool! It’s got music that’s appropriate for my Neice and doesn’t drive me nuts (like most kids songs)! In the mornings during the “Animal Farm” block they have this talking animal named Dirk (who even though he is a male sounds a little like Sharon Osbourne) and he’s so funny! I remember once he got a new fur cut and he kept flipping out at the radio announcer because he didn’t notice it! The one song I look forward to hearing on that station (because they play it a lot) is “Afro Circus/I like To Move It” from “Madagascar 3”

#56 Willie’s Roadhouse: Even though it’s called Willie’s Roadhouse this is not an all Willie Nelson all the time radio station. It’s a classic country music radio station or in my words HEAVEN! They also sometimes air performances from the Grand Ol Opry!

#7 70’s on 7: The kind of music this station plays is pretty self explanitory. I love listening to all the awesome classic hits on this station. One of my favorite bands from the 70’s is Hermans Hermits so I love it when they play their music! Especially this song

#72 On Broadway: This is a musical theater station! I’m a huge musical theater fan and I love getting to hear all my favorite musical theater songs during car rides. A few days ago when I had this station on they played “Rent” from “Rent” I hadn’t heard it in a long time and was super pleased to hear it again!

What’s your favorite radio station on SIRIUS XM? Tell me in the comments!


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