Mother Daughter Day

Hey blog world! Today was so much fun! After camp Mom and I had a Mother Daughter day together! We ran a few errands, had lunch at McDonalds and then we went swimming at the Aquarena! That was a load of fun! We played volleyball with a beach ball, raced eachother and rode on stuff! They have a bunch of different foam things you can lay on or sit on and you can either move yourself (which is very difficult) or get someone to push you. I got Mom to push. The first one I got on was a giant flattened green turtle. I was ok laying on it but when I tried sitting on it several times I failed miserably and didn’t manage to sit on it. The times that I did sit on it it didn’t take too long for me to fall off. Mom kept creating turbulence and choppy waters so that was probably one of the reasons why. She tried riding the turtle as well. She also didn’t take long to fall off. The 2nd foam thing I got on was a flattened yellow crocodile. I was able to sit on that easily! Also I didn’t fall off as much as I did on the turtle. Riding on the foam croc made me feel like Steve Irwin ! After our swim we went to the Elaine Dobbin Center and walked from there all the way to the duck pond! It was tiring but I enjoyed myself! Mom said that we’re gonna do this everyday until the end of the week! She even said that she’s gonna pack lunches for us so we can stop by the park during our walks and have picnics! I thought that was an awesome idea and definately look forward to doing so! What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done with your Mom? Tell me in the comments!


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