Things I learned at Youth Group

Hey blog world! I attend a super awesome youth group and I’ve learned a lot of stuff there. Here are some of those things

  • Water absolutely DOES NOT help soothe your flaming mouth caused by licking a toothpick coated in an extremely spicy lava sauce
  • Just like all of us Jesus farted
  • When the TV starts talking to you directly that’s when you should go to bed (that’s what one of the leaders told me when we were discussing the “Smarter Than You” PSA (the one with the TV set that had a face and talked to you) from the Concerned Children’s Advertisers)
  • Unraveling a roll of toilet paper without your hands is no easy task
  • This song
  • There are 66 books in the bible
  • Never step on your partner too hard during a game of Horse, Chicken, concorer ( I learned that one the hard way)
  • There is a bible app

Do you go to youth group? What kind of things did you learn there? Tell me in the comments!


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