AGT quarterfinals week 2

Hey blog world! Last night was night 2 of the quarterfinal rounds of AGT! It was awesome! The night started off with LionDanceMe. They’re a lion dancing act. They bored me last night. They did the same thing they always do! They really didn’t step it up. After them was Turf. I can’t tell you what he did because I had my eyes closed the whole time. After Turf performed it was The All Ways turn. They did a rock and roll cover of “Telephone”. I loved it! I think it was their best performance so far in the competition! Next was Hawley Magic. Jonathan created a wife kebab (by the way for those of you who were watching last night I just want to point out that I said that before Howie did) by balancing Trishia on a sword and then piercing her right down the middle and sliding her down the sword! Thankfully she was alright. Her clothes weren’t ripped and she had no cuts or holes or anything. The next act was a dancing act. The Lisa Clark Dancers. I love them! They’re dance moves are absolutely amazing! As was their performance last night! I’m not sure what song they danced to but I loved their moves and their costumes! Following these guys was one of my favorite acts. Aurora Light Painters. They prooved that there really are monsters underneath the bed. I half expected them to use “In The Bedroom” by Kim and Jerry Brodey for the music in the background but they used “Strangers In The Night” by Frank Sinatra. The judges didn’t quite understand what was going on (to be honest I kinda didn’t either) and they said that they wanted a clearer storyline. I agree with them. Their performance was great tonight (as always) but I think they should come up with storylines for their performances that are easy to follow. Danielle Stallings performed after them. She sang “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. After hearing her performance last night I think Bruno has definately got some competition! After Danielle was Donnovan and Rebecca. They did an aerial act on the silks. I’m a huge silk fan! I love watching people get up on them and do all kinds of amazing tricks! Donnovan and Rebecca totally blew my mind with the tricks they did! I don’t know how they did them but I was really amazed! Next was my 2nd least favorite act (my least favorite is Turf). Big Barry. I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. He’s sweet and funny and has a good sense of style but HE CAN’T SING! I don’t even know how he made it past audition! I really don’t think he deserved to be in New York! I strongly agreed with Howard when he told Howie that he owed the contestants that could have gone through in place of Barry an appology! Especially Andrew DeLeon! Despite his screw up in Vegas I think he should have been forgiven and brought to New York! After Big Barry was comedian Tom Cotter. He poked fun at all the different saying and expressions that are part of the English language like “Bright eyed and bushy tailed”, “She’s a party pooper” and “His eyes were bigger than his stomach”. To end off the night Ben Blaque performed. He shot standing backwards so he couldn’t see his arrow and shot a rose clean in half (which by the way was in his girlfriends mouth) and also he shot at balloons using 4 crossbows at once! Man his act is dangerous but fun to watch! My picks for the acts moving forward tonight are Aurora Light Painters, Tom Cotter, Hawley Magic and Donnovan and Rebecca. What about you? Who do you think should go home tonight? Tell me in the comments!

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