Bill Anderson live

Hey blog world! Last night was so much fun! I got to see whispering Bill Anderson  in concert! This was his second time in Newfoundland but my first time seeing him live! It was great! We hit a lot of red lights so we missed part of the opening number but oh well! At least we got to see the rest of the show! Unfortunately for Bill for the first bit of the show his guitar wouldn’t work! Well actually it worked but we couldn’t hear him play it. Because of this he said “This is the last time I buy a guitar at Wal-Mart!” Also later on in the show the strap kept coming loose and the fiddle player had to fix it each time (it reminded me of the part of Jeff Dunham’s “Controlled Chaos” TV special where Marnel had to keep fixing Achmed’s legs.) He sang a lot of really good songs last night! He sang a lot of my favorites like  “Po Folks”, “I Love You Drops”, “Mama Sang A Song” and he even got us all to sing along with him (well actually he just us to sing the word “Still” but most people sang all the words) when he sang “Still” He also sang a song last night called “Wherever She Is” that reminded me a lot of “Thank God and Greyhound” by Roy Clark He also told a few jokes that night like this one for example. A man was speeding down the road as fast as he could go. He was going extremely faster than the speed limit. The police officer tried to go after him and pull him over but each time he’d get closer the man would just go faster! Eventually the cop managed to catch the guy and pull him over. He said “I’ve been trying to pull you over for miles! Each time I’d get closer you’d just speed up! Why?” Then the man said “Well officer about 3 years ago my wife ran off with a police officer and when I saw your lights I was afraid because I thought you were bringing her back!” After the show Bill came out and signed autographs, took pictures and talked to the fans! It was a long wait in the lineup but it was definately worth it! I got an autograph in my barbie autograph book and Dad took what I thought were pictures. He’s not very savy with the camera that I brought along and accidentaly had it set to video (technology 1 parents 0). He took 3 of them! Oh well! Even though they’re not pictures they’re still great little memories of my night out. Also Dad told Bill that I was the biggest fan of old time country music and Bill looked at me and said “Somebody raised you right!” That made me feel special! I sure hope that Bill comes back to Newfoundland a 3rd time because I’d absolutely LOVE to see him in concert once again! Have you ever seen Bill in concert? Tell me what the best part was in the comments!


One thought on “Bill Anderson live

  1. I have always been a fan of Bill Anderson. My favorite two songs that he wrote and made popular were Mamsa sang a song and po folks. I just always thought that regardless of the song, Mr. Anderson, with his unique vocal style had a tremendous means of communicating the message and enabling the listener to connect with the story or the listener. We have been blessed, I think, in a large way to have lived during the time of his living and performing live. Thank you for sharing experience of attending this great artist’s concert. God bless!

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