Elaine Dobbin Garden Party

Hey blog world! Today I had such a great day! I got to go to the garden party held at the Elaine Dobbin center for Autism. It was so much fun! My friend (who wishes to remain annonymous) came along with me and she had a great time as well! There was a live band there who performed for us! I’m not sure of their name but I knew the lead singer. He worked at a summer camp I went to called EMC (it stands for Eastern Music Camp). He and his band were great! They were quite loud though. Also they had a fish pond. The prizes weren’t that great. They were things from the dollar store (or so Mom says). The prize that I fished out was a can of blurp. Blurp is this weird puty thing in a can and when you push on it it makes a weird farting noise. I decided to give it to my Neice. Also there was a crayon theme bounce house. I wanted to get in but after seeing the balloon animal lady standing right next to it I changed my mind (I hate balloons and with her being that close I’d get really scared if one popped). There were even face painters there! I got a rainbow on a cloud on my cheek! I was very fortunate to run into a few friends of mine at the Garden Party. I saw Karl Wells there (food critic for the telegram and one of the hosts of “One Chef One Critic” on Rogers TV) whom I had met 2 years ago at the Janeway while I was getting my makeup done. The reason Karl was there was because he was selling copies of his new CD. I couldn’t exactly pick out the writing on the front be he said it was a recording of him reading “A Christmas Carol” and doing voices for all of the different characters. I spoke to him and after a few reminders (where and how we met) he remembered who I was! I was so happy! Also he gave me a little advice for when I open my restaurant when I get older. He told me to make sure that the food and service were good (which I will definately do). I also ran into Peter Soucy (a.k.a Snook) as well. He was drawing all kinds of prizes! This time it didn’t take any reminders! As soon as he saw me he recognised me! There were a few other people there as well. I got to meet Parka a HUGE beaver that I think works for Parks Canada, there was a princess (Miss Teen Acheivement Newfoundland and Labrador actually) there that we could take pictures with (we had the option to get a professional photo or just take one with our own cameras) and also 2 policemen came and they brought their horses! I petted one of them and he was really soft. He was really tall too! Myself and the friend that I brought with me met this really nice lady (whose name I won’t disclose either) there as well. I forget who started the conversation (I think it was my friend) but we had a grand chat! We talked about our birthdays (Karl even gave away his age by saying what year he was born (but for the sake of politeness I won’t tell you), I talked about how I wanted to become a singer when I grew up and I gave a few samples of my songs (and also showed the lady the House Hippo ad for the first time because I told her I’d written a song about it and she didn’t know what it was since she hadn’t seen the ad so I showed it to her on her phone) and also we talked a little about style. She was really nice and I was glad to get to meet her and speak with her! Another really cool thing they had at the garden party was the party bus! I went into the maze but instantly regretted doing so. I was a little too big for it LOL! When I got inside it was really cool! There were poles for dancing, pop music was playing and there was even a zip line! I tried that and it wasn’t as fun as it used to be. Probably because I’d gotten taller. There were even motorcycles on display from the motorcycle ride that was held earlier. They also had the puzzle piece covered Targa racing for Autism racecar! It was so cool! I hope they throw another garden party next year! Did you go? If you did tell me what your favorite part about it was in the comments!


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