AGT live week 1 results

Hey blog world! I had a lot of mixed emotions about Tuesday’s results show on AGT. To begin Nick called out Michael Nejad, Nikki Jensen and Shanice and Maurice Hayes. I loved Michael Nejad’s performance of “Moves Like Jagger” on the shovel, baseball bat and vaccum cleaner! I also loved Shanice and Maurice’s performance as well. They did “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill. I didn’t really like Nikki’s performance though. She did “The Scientist” by Coldplay and she didn’t do too good. I felt she did better in Vegas. Nick announced that the act moving forward was Maurice and Shanice. I was happy and sad about this. I was happy because Maurice and Shanice made it through and I really like them and I was sad because Michael was eliminated! He was amazing! As for Nikki I was kinda happy to see her go. I like her but I think she deserved to be eliminated. The next group of acts was Lil Starr, 787 crew and the Scott brothers. The Scott brothers got put through. I was glad to see the 787 crew get the boot because I didn’t like them. Lil Starr however I did like and I was super sad to see her go. I was happy to see the Scott Brothers go forward though because they’ve got some really cool dance moves! The 3rd group was American BMX Stunt Team, Jarrett and Raja and David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s. David and the CMYK’s got put through! I was happy about this. I think they really deserved to go through. American BMX and Jarrett and Raja however did not. Jarrett and Raja’s trick wasn’t that great and I kinda zoned out when it was American BMX Stunt Teams turn so I didn’t see their act but aparently they made a mistake so they deserved to go because of this. The final group was Todd Oliver and Irving, Edon and the Distinguished Men Of Brass. This one was the judges choice BUT they could only pick from 2 acts and Nick said that the Distinguished Men Of Brass were going home. Big dissappointment! After Nick gave the news the 2 acts explained why they should be chosen and then the judges gave their votes. Howie and Howard said Edon and Sharon didn’t get to vote. I was sad to see Todd Oliver and Irving gone but I like Edon so I was happy to have him go through. What are your thoughts on the eliminations this week blog world? Did America and the judges get it right?


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