Actors and Actresses I’d like to be in movies with

Hey blog world! If I ever got the chance to star in movies these are people I’d like to star in them with!

Gilbert Gottfried . Sure he may tell really dirty and innapropriate jokes but there are some roles he’s played (like the AFLAC duck, Digit from “Cyberchase”, Grason from “Jack and the Beanstalk” (that’s my favorite character he’s played) etc) where he was squeaky clean (which is the way I’d like him to be if we were in a movie) and as always super funny! He’s one of the most hillarious actors out there! If we were in a movie together I’d like it to be a animated comedy. (It’d be awesome if there was a talking goose in the film because he could play Grason one more time!)

Betty White . She’s my favorite Golden Girl (right next to Estelle Getty (she played Sophia))! She’s also really pretty and of course really funny! If we were in a movie together I don’t know if she can sing or not but I’d like it to be a musical!

Miranda Cosgrove . She’s not only pretty she’s also very talented! I love “iCarly” but I think her best role was definately “Drake and Josh”! She was super hillarious as their evil younger sister Megan! I think she’s an amazing actress and she seems like she’s super easy to get along with and also a load of fun to work with! If we were in a movie together it’d definately be a comedy!

Dustin Hoffman . He’s an amazing performer! I love all of his movies! “Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” is my all time favorite one! If I were ever in a movie with Dustin I haven’t seen (but plan on seeing) “Rain Man” but I heard he did an excellent job of playing an autistic character in the film, so I’d like him to play yet another autistic person. I have a lot of experience with autism (since I have it) so I’ll play an autistic person too! I’d like the movie to be like “Mozart And The Whale” but instead of 2 people with autism falling in love it’d be about 2 people with autism becoming friends.

Which actors/actresses would you want to star in a movie with and what kind of movie would it be? Tell me in the comments!


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