Remembering Andy

Hey blog world! Today is a very sad day for me. The reason why is because this morning the world lost one of the best actors there was. Andy Griffith. He was my absolute favorite actor and Andy Taylor was my best friend! My love of Andy began at a yard sale. There was a man there selling DVD’s and one of them was a box set of classic comedy shows (most of which were in black and white). “The Andy Griffith Show” or TAGS for short was one of those. I asked Dad to buy it because it looked kinda interesting and he did! As soon as I put in the “The Andy Griffith Show” disc and played an episode I fell in love with Andy and “The Andy Griffith Show”. It was super funny and had a lot of touching moments as well. My favorite episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” is “Aunt Beas Medicine Man”. In this episode Aunt Bea discovers an Indian elixr that’s supposed to make her feel younger, more spirited, less tired and there are several other things it does too but I can’t remember them! Anyway Aunt Bea and the ladies from her church end up getting arrested by Andy because the elixr is 87% alcohol and they’ve all gotten drunk! Sometimes on “The Andy Griffith Show” Andy would sing. This is one of those times This is from the episode “Man In A Hurry” (which I have on DVD) and the name of the song is “Church In The Wildwood”. Andy didn’t only do TV. He also did movies! He was the evil General Rancor in “Spy Hard” (I mentioned the General in the blog post “Villains” so check that out for more info), the power mad TV star with mood swings named Lonesome Rhodes in “A Face In The Crowd”, bumbling army member Will Stockdale in “No Time For Seargeants” and he narrated “Frosty’s Winter Wonderland”. Out of all the movies he did “Spy Hard” was my favorite one! I never ever imagined him playing the bad guy but he was really good at it (although I still prefer it when he plays nice people.) He also was in one of Brad Paisley’s music videos! I thought they made a great pair! Here’s the video I certainly hope that now that he’s up there he’ll find that bench! Last summer I got to spend an entire week with Andy… well his picture actually. I’ve come to notice that some of the campers at a place where I used to go to sleepaway camp would attach pictures of their favorite celebrities to the wall so last summer I decided that I’d do that too! Accept since we slept in bunk beds at that camp and I got the bottom bunk I’d attach my picture to the top of the bunk above me. The picture that I chose to print out and pin up on the top of the above bunk was this one . I loved getting to say goodnight to him each night and having him be the last thing I see before I went to sleep and the 1st thing I see when I woke up. I sure will miss you Andy. I’m sure lots of others will too! Tell Goober me and all my followers here on my blog said hey!


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