Hey blog world! For Christmas last year I received a kobo eReader! When I took it out of the box I noticed that it was powered off and right on the front was the book cover of “All By Myselves” by Jeff Dunham . This is Jeff Dunham’s autobiography. I had wanted it for a long time and was so happy to get it on my eReader! I really enjoyed it! It was really funny and I learned a lot about Jeff that I never knew before! The best part of this book was learning how Jeff came up with the idea for Peanut! He’s my favorite one of Jeff’s puppets! “All By Myselves” isn’t the only autobiography that I’ve enjoyed reading. I have since downloaded 2 others onto my kobo which I’ve very much enjoyed as well. One of them is “Here’s The Deal Don’t Touch Me” by Howie Mandel . As you can tell by the picture on the cover and the author’s name this is Howie Mandel’s autobiography. It talks about his OCD, how he became a comic and also his diagnosis of Atrial Fibrilation (a heart condition). My favorite part was when he tricked his daughter into thinking she camped for an entire night. She wanted to camp but Howie didn’t but he bought the tent anyway and he and her set it up in the yard and went camping. She slept in her sleeping bag for about 9 minutes and then Howie woke her up saying that when you camp you get up really early! Even before the sun comes up! He asked if she wanted to spend the rest of the night sleeping in her room and she agreed. I found it a little mean of him to have tricked his daughter but it was kind of funny! Also a while ago I bought “Carly’s Voice” by Arthur Fleischmann . His daughter Carly has some imput as well. It’s the story of Arthur’s autistic daughter Carly who is… well was non verbal. It’s the story of how she found her inner voice. My favorite part is exactly when that happens! I won’t tell you how though. I’ll let you read the book and find out for yourself!

Do you have a favorite autobiography? Tell me about it in the comments!


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