Gone fishing

Hey blog world! Today was a great day! I got to go on a fishing trip with my Mom, Dad, Neice and her friend! After breakfast we piled into Mom’s brand new Ford and headed out! I’m not sure if the place we went to had a name but it was beautiful! A big blue lake, a fire pit and plenty of shady spots for us to sit in! When it came time for lunch we all had sandwitches that Mom made. I had a peanut butter one! Yum! A little while after lunch Dad inflated the boat and gave me a rod and took me out on the lake to fish (the boat was made for 4 people but since Dad and I are so big only the 2 of us could fit in so he had to make 2 trips. One with just me and another with the little kids.) I had a nice boat ride and I saw a family of ducks but I never caught anything! Oh well! As usual my Neice fell in the water today. It’s not a fishing trip without her falling in the water! It happens everytime! Speaking of her her and her friend were the only ones that caught fish! They brought a little tank with them and they caught 2 pricklies with their hand and put them in the tank and have decided to keep them. Who got custody I’m not sure. We were going to end off the day by lighting a fire in the fire pit and raosing weiners for our supper but it began to rain so Dad decided to pack it in and get supper at home and if it clears up have the fire later. It was such an awesome day and I can’t wait til the next time I get to go fishing! What’s your favorite fishing trip memory? Tell me in the comments!


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