Canada Day

Hey blog world! Yesterday was the best Canada Day ever! I started off the day by going to Church for the anual VBS service with my Mom and my Neice. We sang all oiur VBS songs and a few people even did a reading! I was asked to do a reading but the lady who announced all the readers nearly forgot me! Our Reverand had to whisper to her to remind her! After the service Everyone headed down to the Parish hall for a family fun day. There was cake, ice cream and hot dogs to eat. There were also lots of fun games! We played hot potato, we had a pinata and we even did a scavanger hunt. The pinata was so much fun! It was a clownfish! There was also a really cool craft there that we could make! We got to make paper kites! After the fun day was over Mom, my Neice and I went to the pool for a big Canada Day celebration! There was more cake and hot dogs, face painting and live music! There were 3 choirs (with not very many members who attended) and there was also a Newfie band named (I don’t know how to spell this but I’ll try) Shikana. They actually weren’t all Newfie though. They sang one non Newfie song (I thought it was the best song they’d performed out of the ones I heard them play that day!) It was “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croce I got a really awesome surprise while I was there too! I had invited my boyfriend to come and when he got there his Mom said that she had stuff to do so she’d be leaving him with me and Mom for a while! I was so happy that I got an unexpected date! When we got home from the pool we were sweltering hot so we decided to cool down by having a water fight! There was absolutely no mercy! We got eachother completely soaking wet all over (my boyfriend even pointed his water gun at himself and let himself have it because he was so hot!) When I dried off we got into the trampoline and bounced for a while! I felt like I was going to fall over a few times (and a few times I actually did fall over) but I had fun! We also went inside for a bit and watched a few Smosh video’s on youtube. Thanks to Smosh my word of the day yesterday was “Firetruck”! My boyfriend showed me this Smosh video and after watching it I couldn’t stop using the word! We even got to have a barbeque and a campfire as well! It was awesome! How was your Canada Day? Tell me in the comments!


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