Camp Hollywood show

Hey blog world! Yesterday was performance day at camp hollywood! It was so much fun! The zipper on my Morticia dress was broken so we had to use a safety pin to keep it together. It kept coming apart and that wouldn’t be good if that happened during the show! Thankfully the director of the camp took it and sewed straps onto it! It was much less harder to get apart that way! Before the performance the director went out in front of the audience said a little welcome speech and then made everyone in the audience say that they didn’t care if we forgot a line or a dance move but they did care if we lost our pants LOL! Once they had all said this the show began! I had a small blooper during “Phantom Of The Opera”. My mask fell off! I didn’t let it bother me though. I just continued on with the show. When it came time to do “Popular” with the Halloweentown crowd we had to hop on one foot and switch places in line and since I had heels on it wasn’t very easy! At least I got through the rest of the dance ok. My scene went really well too. I flubbed a line and Fester forgot his rope (which he was supposed to use to rig the electric chair he had set up for Pugsley) but other than that our scene went great! The 2nd show went great as well! My mask didn’t fall off during “Phantom Of The Opera” so I was quite happy about that and our scene went really well again! The best part of both shows was definately “Thriller”! I loved doing the dance and singing it! It’s one of my favorite MJ songs! Everyone in both shows did an awesome job and I can’t wait til next summer to go back again! Have you ever been in Camp Hollywood? What’s your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!


AGT final quarterfinals

Hey blog world! Tuesday night was the final performance round of the semi finals! Man what a show! The first act of the night was David the bullet Smith. He attempted scoring a human field goal by shooting himself all the way across a football field! I wasn’t sure weather or not he’d succeed or not but he did! When they went back inside and critiqued his act Sharon suggested he get shot over a pit of aligators on fire. Howie suggested that he shoot himself out of Nick Cannon. I don’t know how he’d do that but if he finds a way I’m not sure I wanna see it! The firey aligators though may be interesting! After David was “All That” (by the way I wonder if they got their name from the 90’s sketch comedy show They clogged to “Black Betty” by Ram Jam I loved their song choice! Their dancing was great too. Sharon suggested that next time they wear leather pants, no shirts and oil themselves. I for one hope they don’t take that advice because I really don’t wanna see them turn their act into “Magic Mike Live”! One suggestion I have for them is (if they didn’t do it in Vegas ( I forget which song it was they did)) to clog to “Centerfold” by the J Geils Band After All That was one of my favorite acts! Ulysses! He played the piano (something I had no idea he could do) and sang the theme from “American Bandstand” He got 3 X’s but I thought he was great! Also Sharon Osbourne said he looked like Yogi Bear in a suit and I’m not sure weather that was a compliment or not but I think he looked great in the suit! If he gets picked for wildcard (he was eliminated) I think he should do the “Three’s Company” theme! After Ulysses was Joe Castillo. He is an incredible sand artist! He created the world, several different animals and God’s eye crying a tear! Howard thinks he should loose the beret but I think it looks good on him. I think the one who needs to loose the beret is Howard. He tried it on and I didn’t think it looked good on him at all! After Joe was Sebastian El Charro De Oro. He serenaded Sharon tonight with “Besame Mucho” and gave her a rose. The title of the song traslates to “Kiss me much” so he basically tried ruining Ozzy’s love life tonight LOL! After Sebastien was another favorite of mine. Eric Dittleman the mind reader! He played “Deal Or No Deal” with Howie and blew my mind once again by correctly predicting the case he was gonna pick. I wonder how he did it? William Close was up next. I was hoping he’d create a new instrument to play for us but he returned with his MASSIVE earth harp. It was once again a great performance. After them was unity in motion. I can’t really critique their act because since I’m not a big fan I wasn’t really paying attention! After them was Eric and Olivia. Olivia sang a jazzy version of “Dynomite” by Taio Cruz while Eric played it on the guitar. Howie once again thought itw as meant more for a coffee shop but I really enjoyed it! They’re one of my favorites! After them was Lindsey Norton. She’s a ballet version of Turf accept she’s not as disturbing. She does a few contortions and does beautiful ballet! I have a feeling that Cirque Du Soleil will be knocking on her door any day now! After her was one of my least favorite acts. Horse. He is extremely stupid! I can barely think of any words I can use to explain his act. One thing that I do know is that he doesn’t belong on AGT. He belongs on either “Tosh.0” or “Jackass”. The final act of the night was the Olate dogs! Once again those adorable little pooches didn’t fail to impress! They were incredible once again! They danced, back flipped and did all kinds of amazing stunts! Last night was the results show and 7 of the acts got eliminated. Yes blog world I said 7. There are usually 8 acts eliminated but last night Sharon made an exception. The 5 acts put through were Olate dogs, William Close, Joe Castillo, Eric Dittleman and All That. All That was actually eliminated because both Howie and Howard chose Dittleman. Sharon decided to keep All That in the competition by selecting them as one of her wildcards (she gets 2 others.) What were your thoughts on this weeks performance and eliminations? Tell me in the comments!

P.S no AGT for 3 weeks because of the olympics!

Camp Hollywood

Hey blog world! Today was the 2nd last day of camp hollywood! It’s an awesome musical theater camp where we act, sing, dance and put off our own show at the end of the week! Our show has a scary theme! It’s a bunch of different scarry/halloween type sketches. I get to be in an Addams Family sketch! I’m playing Morticia ! There are a bunch of other sketches too! There’s a Monster High sketch, a Harry Potter sketch, a haunted house (a.k.a the Addams Families house) sketch and the little pee wee kids (by pee wee I mean 5 and up) are doing a sketch about ghosts, a muppets sketch (which includes 1 “Sesame Street” character) and a sketch about monsters! We also have 2 group numbers! “Thriller” by MJ and a spooky version of “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”! It’s sure to be a great show! Aside from rehearsing all our dance numbers and lines and such we also do improv! Yesterday’s improv was totally epic! Me and the rest of the kids in my scene created a word by word story! Basically how we did that was our improv instructer said a word then the person sitting next to him said another and it continued on like that until we had finished our story. Our word by word story was about a monkey named Kevin. Kevin had a job as an accountant and he loved bananas and Madonna . Unfortunately for poor Kevin his appartment burned down :(! That was the end of our story. A little while later that day we played another improv game! It was called Oscar moment! Me and the kids in my scene got up on stage and our improv instructor gave us a word which was what our scene would have to be about. Our word was “Spoon”. We had a minute to come up with a scene idea and this is what we came up with. A girl who was afraid of spoons. Every so often our improv instructor would yell out “OSCAR MOMENT!” Then he would give us a category and using said category we would have to continue our scene for a while. One category we got was best educational film. I then took a spoon and began explaining to the girl who was afraid of them what they are and how they are used. Another category we were given was best horror film. That one was easy. We just chased the poor girl around with spoons until the improv instructor said “Regular moment” and we continued on our scene normally. My favorite oscar moment that was called out was best original score. We had to turn our scene into a musical! It was awesome! I strongly suggest you try playing Oscar moments someday! You will laugh hysterically and have a super awesome time! Another really cool thing we did at camp was we painted masks! We are going to use them in Friday’s show! We’re all gonna put them on and walk out on stage to “Phantom Of The Opera” from “Phantom Of The Opera” Mine is really pretty! It’s pink with a green circle around one eye, a yellow circle around the other, a purple nose and I’m gonna glitter it tomorrow! We also learned how to do stage makeup today! We were taught how to make a werewolf bite! Complete with werewolf fur! It looked gross on the model but it was so cool! What’s the best summer camp you’ve ever been to? Tell me in the comments!

Concerned Children’s Advertisers

Hey blog world! Yesterday I was watching TV at my Grandparents house and they get the really high up stations! I turned on one that I don’t get here at home called CTS. It’s some kind of religious station. In the mornings they have a few kids shows on and during commercial breaks they play nothing but those “Get up and play an hour a day” ads and Concerned Children’s Advertisers PSA’s. Some of which I haven’t seen in a long time. One of the ones that they showed was “We Are Girls” which is a PSA on girls empowerment. It’s basically a bunch of girls saying stuff like “We will not let boys have all the sports” and other stuff like that. I also saw the ad with the kid running from his “fan club” or in other words the mob of girls trying to kiss him. The poor kid is huffing and puffing and is clearly tired. Unfortunately for the poor kid the girls all catch up to him and kiss him all over his face! It’s an ad about staying fit. At the end it even says “Stay fit, cause you never know”. They had another one of the same theme as well that they aired during commercial breaks. It was the one with the kids running toward the ice cream truck who also were getting tired and they didn’t get their ice cream (I think. I can’t remember.) They also showed the ad with Timmy and the bully (and no I don’t mean Timmy Turner. I mean a human kid named Timmy.) The bully is following him around saying what he’s gonna do to him but Timmy triumphs over the bully by telling his Mom therefore making the bully (who wasn’t really there. He was just in Timmy’s imagination) dissappear. I didn’t even realize that was a CCA PSA until I saw it yesterday! They put the logo in the bottom right corner and make it really small so I didn’t see it as a kid. One ad that I’m surprised (and disappointed) that they didn’t air was my favorite one! The media monkey! It’s an adorable and hillarious ad about this girl who begins by watching a weight loss program on TV and then the monkey switches stations, then she goes to the computer to check out a weight loss website and the monkey pulls the plug and when she tries to look through a weight loss magazine the monkey eats the page (maybe it smelled like bananas LOL!) I also like the “Smart As You” PSA as well (which they also unfortunately didn’t air!) It’s the one with the purple talking TV set with the face who talks to you (word of advice blog world. As my friend told me once “When the TV starts talking to you directly that’s when you should go to bed!”) A CCA ad that I don’t understand is the one with the kid who’s on the computer and for some unknown reason he removes his head, lays it on the computer desk and break dances! His moves are epic but to this day I still wonder why he took off his head! It doesn’t seem necessary! What’s your favorite Concerned Children’s Advertisers PSA? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! When my parents got new cars they came with SIRIUS XM satelite radio! I am a HUGE fan of it! There are lots and lots of awesome stations to listen too! Some of my favorites are

#78 Kids Place Live: I know I’m not exactly a kid anymore but this station is really cool! It’s got music that’s appropriate for my Neice and doesn’t drive me nuts (like most kids songs)! In the mornings during the “Animal Farm” block they have this talking animal named Dirk (who even though he is a male sounds a little like Sharon Osbourne) and he’s so funny! I remember once he got a new fur cut and he kept flipping out at the radio announcer because he didn’t notice it! The one song I look forward to hearing on that station (because they play it a lot) is “Afro Circus/I like To Move It” from “Madagascar 3”

#56 Willie’s Roadhouse: Even though it’s called Willie’s Roadhouse this is not an all Willie Nelson all the time radio station. It’s a classic country music radio station or in my words HEAVEN! They also sometimes air performances from the Grand Ol Opry!

#7 70’s on 7: The kind of music this station plays is pretty self explanitory. I love listening to all the awesome classic hits on this station. One of my favorite bands from the 70’s is Hermans Hermits so I love it when they play their music! Especially this song

#72 On Broadway: This is a musical theater station! I’m a huge musical theater fan and I love getting to hear all my favorite musical theater songs during car rides. A few days ago when I had this station on they played “Rent” from “Rent” I hadn’t heard it in a long time and was super pleased to hear it again!

What’s your favorite radio station on SIRIUS XM? Tell me in the comments!

Autism Camp Week 2

Hey blog world! I just finished the 2nd week at the Teen camp at the Elaine Dobbin center! It was so much fun! On Monday we discussed ideas for our field trip on Friday. Some suggestions were mini golfing, going to the movies and going to the hospital to see who’s pregnant. On Tuesday we had a movie day! We watched “Shrek” and “Ice Age 2 The Meltdown” Wednesday we finished “Ice Age 2” and then we went bowling on the Wii, played Kerplunk and then we began “Wallace and Gromit Curse Of The Were Rabbit” On Thursday we finished “Wallace and Gromit Curse Of The Were Rabbit” and we went for a walk to the duck pond to feed the ducks. I forget what else we did that day LOL! Yesterday we went to Empire Theaters to see “Brave”! It was my 2nd time seeing it and again I loved it! We also went to the arcade afterward! I started off with “Deal Or No Deal”. I picked case 10 which I thought had the 100 tickets but I wasn’t as lucky. My case had 5 tickets inside! Oh well! I also played the Big Bass Bonus and got 40 tickets which was awesome! I tried a few games I had never played before like Spin to Win and I did pretty good on those too. My favorite game that I played was ice ball! I did really well at that too! By the time I ran out of quarters I had 90 tickets. At the arcade they offer prizes for tickets. The problem was that none of the prizes that I could afford were any good! I could get wooden dice, pirate stickers, pencil toppers and several other small items that were of no interest to me. The only good stuff (i.e a giant stuffed Garfield (which I’d like to save up for)) is super expensive! For example that Garfield that I want is 1500 tickets! That’s gonna take a lot of game playing! What’s your favorite game at the arcade? Tell me in the comments!

Mother Daughter Day

Hey blog world! Today was so much fun! After camp Mom and I had a Mother Daughter day together! We ran a few errands, had lunch at McDonalds and then we went swimming at the Aquarena! That was a load of fun! We played volleyball with a beach ball, raced eachother and rode on stuff! They have a bunch of different foam things you can lay on or sit on and you can either move yourself (which is very difficult) or get someone to push you. I got Mom to push. The first one I got on was a giant flattened green turtle. I was ok laying on it but when I tried sitting on it several times I failed miserably and didn’t manage to sit on it. The times that I did sit on it it didn’t take too long for me to fall off. Mom kept creating turbulence and choppy waters so that was probably one of the reasons why. She tried riding the turtle as well. She also didn’t take long to fall off. The 2nd foam thing I got on was a flattened yellow crocodile. I was able to sit on that easily! Also I didn’t fall off as much as I did on the turtle. Riding on the foam croc made me feel like Steve Irwin ! After our swim we went to the Elaine Dobbin Center and walked from there all the way to the duck pond! It was tiring but I enjoyed myself! Mom said that we’re gonna do this everyday until the end of the week! She even said that she’s gonna pack lunches for us so we can stop by the park during our walks and have picnics! I thought that was an awesome idea and definately look forward to doing so! What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done with your Mom? Tell me in the comments!