Hey blog world! I had such an awesome day today! It was such a beautiful day that I asked Mom to come outside for a bit and put our new net to use and play badminton with me. That was fun! After a few games of badminton she found a stray tennis ball sitting in the grass and remembered that we had tennis rackets in the basement so she asked me to play. I had never done it so I was skeptical but I agreed. It was a lot of fun but I can honestly admit that I’m way way better at Wii sports tennis than regular tennis! I sometimes hit the ball but we never had very long rallies. It was usually at least 3 hits than a miss! Also I kept hitting the ball backwards somehow! The worst bit was that several times today I’d miss the ball and it’d fly right past my head and go into my nextdoor neighbors yard! He had a fence that had a few wooden pickets and a bit of the fence was made of branches. I had to keep climbing over the part made of branches to get the ball. He grows stuff from the ground so there’s a big dirt area in his yard where he plants his stuff and as my luck would have it that’s usually where the ball would land! I kept getting rocks and sand and dirt in my shoes! So not fun! Despite all this I had a great time playing with Mom and I definately have a new favorite racket sport (no offense badminton!) Which do you prefer? Badminton or tennis? Tell me in the comments!


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