AGT Vegas Week Part 2

Hey blog world! Last night was the final night of Vegas Week on AGT! The top 48 have been decided and the live shows start on Monday! Boy I can’t wait! Last night’s acts were the stand by’s. There weren’t many spots left so they really had to bring it last night! Bring it is definately what they did! I was very surprised to see that some of my faves were stand by’s. David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s for example. Their audition was incredible! They danced and painted Beethoven all at the same time! For Vegas I think they painted Elvis but I’m not too sure. I also forget which song they used. Also Michael Nejad was a stand by. That was another big surprise! I was really impressed with his audition! I was really impressed with his Vegas act too. I have no idea what in the world he was playing but man was it ever a cool contraption! An act who’s placement as a stand by didn’t surprise me a bit was Big Barry. I gotta admit Big Barry is handsome and funny but he can’t sing! Listen to this He’s not very good at all! I can’t even believe he made it to the top 48. His spot should have gone to someone else! I was very happy that Turf was a stand by because I really don’t like him. I find him quite freaky! Unfortunately he made it to the top 48 along with Big Barry. I’m not a big rap fan but I really like Burton Crane and Granny G. I was really dissappointed that they were stand by’s. I was even more dissappointed when they got eliminated! Oh well! Whatcha gonna do (for those of you who didn’t get that pun Whatcha Gonna Do was the name of the rap that Burton did in his audition). One of the dance groups named Inspire The Fire had it real tough in Vegas. Not only were they stand by’s but one of the group members wallets was stolen, one of them sprained their ankle and another threw up right before the performance! Despite all the bad luck they made it through to NYC! As did Lil Starr. She’s an adorable kid and a great dancer! Last night she put on an army outfit and danced to “Captain Jack” by Captain Jack She was really good! I was really happy with her being put through. I was also happy to see the Distinguished Men of Brass go through as well. They used to play at Disneyland but now they’ll be playing in NYC on one of the AGT live shows! They performed “I Feel Good” by James Brown last night and I thought their instrumental version was incredible! Who are your favorite acts in the top 48? Tell me in the comments!


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