My top 5 favorite musical movies

Hey blog world! I LOVE when broadway musicals get turned into movies! They’re always so much fun to watch (and usually the actors chosen are really good!) Here are my top 5 favorite musical movies!

#5 “Rent” This a movie about a group of Bohemian friends and a full year in their lives. It’s sad at times but it’s quite funny as well. My favorite song from this movie is “Tango Maureen”

#4 “West Side Story” This is a modernized version of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Accept it happens in America, the feud is between Puerto Ricans and americans instead of families and there are gangs. We watched this movie in music class in grade 7 and I loved every minute! My favorite song from this movie is “Officer Krupke”!

#3 “The Phantom Of The Opera” This is the story of a disfigured Phantom who lives beneath the Opera Populaire in Paris and falls in love with Christine Dae one of the stars of the opera. I thought that it was a little scary at times but I really liked it! My favorite song from this movie is “Think Of Me”

#2 “The Fairly Odd Parents School’s Out The Musical”. This one wasn’t on broadway. Actually it was never once performed on stage (but I think it should be). It was an hour long TV special that they air each summer on YTV! It starts on the last day of school when the kids all get out and start having fun. The parents think they’re being too destructive and rowdy so they send each and every kid to Flappy Bob’s camp Learnatorium for the entire summer. Timmy doesn’t like that so he wishes kids could rule the world and it all goes downhill from there. My favorite song from this movie is “Kids Just Being Kids”!

#1 “Annie” This is the story of the red headded orphan named Annie who gets to spend a week living with the richest man in NYC named Oliver Warbucks. I’ve memorized each and every word to each and every song in this film! My favorite song in this movie is “Little Girls”!

What’s your favorite musical movie blog world? Tell me in the comments!



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