Party In The Park

Hey blog world! Today was a great day! Myself and my neice, her friend and also my friend Laura all went to Bowring Park for the Party In The Park. A summer kick off party hosted by a few youth groups around NL! There were 3 bouncy things. A regular bouncy castle and 2 fighting rings. There was a bouncy boxing ring (complete with helmets and pads to reduce the injury risk) and also there was a fencing type bouncy thing as well. Laura and I went into that one. We put on our helmets and grabbed these 2 massive sticks with cylander shaped thingies on the end of them and we stood on this massive platform and used our sticks to try and knock each other off the platform. Laura won 4 times and I got hit in the nose but I had lots of fun trying! Also Laura and I got into the bouncy castle! That was a lot of fun as well! Also there was free food and drinks there! They had hotdogs, hamburgers and cotton candy and plenty of soft drinks and water! The cotton candy was sticky but delicious! The hotdogs and hamburgers were yummy too! I also loved going to the playground. We swung, slid and went on the teeter totter! Also they had a band there (who’s name I forget) but they weren’t very good! I had such a super duper fun night with Laura! I can’t wait til next years Party in the Park! Were you there today? If you were tell me what your favorite part was in the comments!

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