Blogs that I find interesting

Hey blog world! Thanks to the Freshly Pressed page here on WordPress, “The Book Of Awesome” and several other sources I’ve discovered lots of really neat blogs that I think everyone should definately take a look at! This is a blog I discovered when reading “The Book Of Awesome” which was written by the author of 1000 awesome things. His name is Neil Pasricha and I absolutely think his blog is awesome! He’s already reached #1 so there are no new posts but I still think it’s worth a read. It’ll make you laugh and put a smile on your face! This is a blog written by… well I don’t know who it’s written by. The author doesn’t give out his name. I go to this site to read the live AGT blog. Every Monday and Tuesday he watches the show and as he watches he blog about what’s happenning! Even though I watch the show each night and already know what happens I like going on Nobody’s View and reading what he has to say about it! I discovered this blog when it’s author (obviously named Kristie) posted a comment on one of my posts about my bucket list. I decided to take a look at her blog and see what it’s like. I thought it was great! Her blog is about completing her bucket list of stuff she wants to do before December 21st of this year just incase the Mayans are right and the world ends! This is my BFFL Emma’s blog! She blogs about pretty much everything under the sun! She’s done a post on her favorite WWYD episodes, a post on fairy tales and she even released her inner Rick Mercer and posted a rant! I don’t know how she did this but my favorite thing about her blog is that as soon as you go onto the homepage “The Pink Panther” theme music starts playing!

What are some of your favorite blogs to read blog world? Tell me in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Blogs that I find interesting

  1. Thanks Leah! I like your blog as well! Keep up the great writing. I hope to have a new adventure for you soon – been laying low for a little while, but I only have 6 months left and lots to do! Yikes!

  2. Reblogged this on Kristie's Big Adventure! and commented:
    Got a nice shout out today from a young writer who follows me up in Newfoundland. I don’t know much about Newfoundland aside from what I learned reading “The Shipping News” (I wonder if Leah has ever had seal flipper pie?) Well, anyway, it reminded me that I have not had a post in sometime and for that I am sorry, I have been keeping busy, though, and hope to have something for you soon. In the meantime, check out Leah’s blog and her suggestions….

  3. I love 1000 Awesome Things. I have the book and it always makes me smile. Fortunately for Kristie I recently heard they found ANOTHER Mayan calendar that goes way longer. So we’re good. For at least the next 7,000 years or so.

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