Sports Day

Hey blog world! Yesterday was such a blast! We had sports day at school and I had a load of fun! We spent our sports day at Ned Nugents field. We had the choice of 4 different sports we could play. There was baseball, rugby, ultimate frisbee and soccer. Most of the kids alternated between sports but I stuck with ultimate frisbee because I suck at all 3 of the others LOL! My boyfriend and I were on the same team which I loved and we did pretty good together. I can’t remember the outcome of the game though. After we played ultimate frisbee we sat down on the bleachers and watched the baseball game for a little while. We also spent some time at the playground. I haven’t been on playground equipment in a long time and I was glad to go back! Another really fun thing I did was myself and one of the student assistants (that’s a teacher that helps the special kids at school) took a few little walks around the field and chatted a while. It was really nice to take breaks from the sports and go walking! Ultimate frisbee pretty much shut down after a while because no one was playing but I did get to throw around the frisbee with some of the kids from the special ed class and some of the other student assistants! I had a great time (even though I didn’t catch the frisbee many times)! I also got hit by the frisbee in the chest when I was throwing it back and forth with a few of my friends earlier in the day but I was ok! Sports day was such an awesome day (despite my sunburns)! Did you have a sports day this year blog world? Tell me your favorite part about it in the comments!


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