Hey blog world! It’s getting closer! Just 2 more days of school til Summer break! I have an entire fun filled summer planned out (and I will definately be blogging about all my epic summer adventures)! To start my summer off with a super hillarious BANG myself and Dad are once again going to the NL Screech Comedy Festival (you can read about my time at last years in the blog post “The Newfoundland Screech Comedy Fest”! There are gonna be some of the same and also some different people there this year! For more info and ticket information go to Also as another great summer starter tonight my Special Olympics team will be having a barbeque and dance! I can’t wait to go and dance with all my friends! It’ll be so much fun! As for summer camps this year I’ll be attending the VBS at my church. This years theme is “SonSurf Beach Blast”! I got a sneak peak at the theme song and man is it ever awesome! I simply cannot wait to go! I’m also returning to the Elaine Dobbin Center for their teen camp! That’s the camp that I’m definately most excited about going to! It was so much fun last year (if you want to read about all the fun I had check out the post “Autism Camp”!) I will also be spending a week at Newfoundland to Broadway which will be super fun as well! I’m not sure where we’ll be going or what we’ll be doing but me and my family are going to be taking a week off and doing something together (I think we may be going camping but I’m not entirely sure.) What are your summer plans blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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