Top 5 Coolest TV Dads

Hey blog world! Happy Father’s day! For today’s post I thought I’d talk about some of the coolest fictional Dads!

#5 Danny Tanner (“Full House”) . He’s a clean freak and since I hate germs I sometimes wished he were real so he could clean my house! Also he was always there for the kids when they had a problem and seemed to have an answer for almost all of them! He also played the guitar which I thought was cool too!

#4 Charles Ingalls (“Little House On The Prairie”) . He was poor but he made do with what he and his family had. I sometimes wish that Charles were real as well because he’s quite the builder! He built his own house for he and his family to live in and he even made a friend of Laura’s her own pair of wooden shoes! He’d sure come in handy when I need something fixed or built!

#3 Victor Baxter (“That’s So Raven”) . He’s a chef so that makes him super awesome in my books! Although one small flaw about Victor would be that he can sometimes not be very forgiving. His wife’s family blamed him for stealing their gravy bowl but he didn’t and he never forgave them for putting the blame on him and for years he’s been mad at them!

#2 Oscar Proud (“The Proud Family”) . He wasn’t too smart but that’s why he’s so cool! He’s HILLARIOUS! Also he gives really good advice too!

#1 Andy Taylor (“The Andy Griffith Show”) . Andy ranks #1 for so many reasons! He’s kind, he always makes time for Opie (his son), he’s a cop (one of the coolest jobs ever), he’s funny and the list could go on and on!

Which TV Dad do you like most blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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