Connects Got Talent

Hey blog world! I had so much fun last night! At the Faith Pentecostal Church (it’s a church in Newfoundland) there was a talent show and I got to participate! There were lots of really good acts! One performer (just to be safe I’m not gonna mention any names) tied up one of the judges (which made me think he was gonna do magic but I was wrong) and then sang “Skullcrusher Mountain” by Jonathan Coulton (it’s actually a lot more innocent than it sounds!) Another performer did some basketball shots which were pretty good. Also one of my friends told some “Anti jokes” which I found quite disturbing and don’t quite think it’s a good idea to post some here. One really good act was done by one of the judges. She sang a gospel song (I forget what it was called!) She was amazing! The other 2 judges and the host made video’s of themselves doing acts! The hosts talent was doing Lunette’s famous 10 second tidy in 15 seconds! I had no idea he could clean up that fast! He was good! The acts performed by the other 2 judges were making lollipop’s (this one was done by the 2nd girl judge) which didn’t really turn out very well and also the boy judge’s talent was playing piano. He played “Mary Had A Little Lamb” very well! Another one of my friends made a video as his talent! He made a video of him and Frankenstein! He followed Frenkenstein all around the church because he had something to show him. What Frankenstein wanted him to see so badly was a socket LOL! I performed 2 different talents that night! I did improv and I sang! My improv was lots of fun! I picked a random member of the audience and we played “Lions In A Hat” together! We got everyone to write down a sentance and put it in “The magic hat of Joel” (in other words the ball cap that belonged to one of the judges). Once that was done we asked the juges for a relationship, location and situation. Our relationship was doctor and patient (I got to be the doc), our location was gonna be a hospital but the host wanted the judge who made that suggestion to be more creative so she went with dog park instead and our situation was that the patient had broken his hand. How he did it was a dog had bitten him. The audience was very very creative with the sentances they had written down! The randomest one that I picked out of the hat read “The cheese bled profusley”! To end off our scene the patient had decided that I was absolutely no help and went to the hospital instead (to which I replied “Good idea!”) Also I did a 2nd talent. I sang “The Impossible” by Joe Nichols (the same one that I requested for Nan on “Kortney & Dave By Request”!) The judges thought I did a great job and so did I! At the end of the night I won the 2nd place award! It was an A&W gift card! How awesome! Have you ever been in a talent show? If so what was your talent? Tell me in the comments!


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