They’re All Gonna Know

Hey blog world! The Janeway telethon is on the go with day #2! Almost every year they have a theme song (they haven’t for the past few years for some reason)! This year the theme song is called “They’re All Gonna Know” which was written by the Shalloway choir! It’s so catchy and the music video is great! Small disclaimer before you watch it. This song will get stuck in your head so be careful! A big 1st for the Janeway this year is that the theme song is availlable on iTunes! All the proceeds from downloads of “They’re All Gonna Know” are gonna go to the Janeway! If you have an iPod or other device do some good and download the song! If not then enjoy listening to it on youtube and also on the telethon which is going on right now on NTV and also there’s a live stream on! The kids may not know it was you that downloaded the song but they’re all gonna know that all the money is gonna be helping them!

One thought on “They’re All Gonna Know

  1. Thanks so much for posting this! The song actually was written by Jody Richardson and Grant King and the incredible Shallaway Choir was directed by amazing Kellie Walsh.



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