Grade 9 farewell

Hey blog world! Last night was so much fun! I went to my grade 9 farewell dinner and dance! On Saturday I picked out my dress for the event and it was beautiful! It was black with pink going down the side and a pink ribbon on it! I also got my hair done yesterday for the farewell. We had to go to 3 places but eventually at stop #3 I got my hair curled! Mom even did my nails! I looked great! The event started by our principal giving a very funny speech about what she hopes for us when we enter high school and then we had pizza and soft drinks! In grade 9 we do a unit on “Romeo and Juliet” where we read the book and then watch the movie. After our pizza 2 (female) teachers (who’s names (and the names of all other teachers I will mention in this blog post) I am not disclosing) came up and did a Newfie version of “Romeo and Juliet”! It was so funny! Romeo spoke in a really newfie accent and kept asking Juliet to go with him on a ride in his dory to get fish and chips! Not only did Romeo and Julite do a funny skit for us but also they presented our spoof awards! A spoof award is an award that students can make up and award to their friends! Some of the awards handed out were the recycling queens award which went to my friends who every day at the beginning of each period take the paper recycling bin out, the most photogenic award which went to my friend who absolutely LOVES getting her picture taken and I even won an award that night. I have a problem with runny noses so every math class I end up having to ask my teacher for a tissue! Everytime I do he says “Tissue? I hardly even know you!” Because of this I received the “Kiss you I hardly know you” award and a box of Kleenex LOL! After the awards ceremony came our dance! They played lots of great songs like “Starships” by Niki Minaj, “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO and “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas but the song I was the most happy about hearing was “Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh! The reason why was I requested that song so I could dance to it with my boyfriend (even though I had no red on)! The DJ played it for me and I was so happy that he did! So much so that I squealed! Thankfully my boyfriend was ok with me having my little moment! It wasn’t just the DJ that played music for us last night! The teacher that played Juliet and my math teacher got up and sang for us! My math teacher sang “The Night Pat Murphy Died” by Great Big Sea and the teacher that played Juliet sang “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor! They were both great but if I had to pick a favorite I’d go with the teacher that played Juliet (sorry sir)! At the end of the night I snapped a few more pictures with teachers, said goodbye to my friends and went home! It was around 10:00 when I got home and I was tired from all the dancing but I had a super great time! It was a great way to end off my final year of Jr High! What’s your favorite memory from your grade 9 farewell blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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