Hey blog world! I had such an awesome day today! It was such a beautiful day that I asked Mom to come outside for a bit and put our new net to use and play badminton with me. That was fun! After a few games of badminton she found a stray tennis ball sitting in the grass and remembered that we had tennis rackets in the basement so she asked me to play. I had never done it so I was skeptical but I agreed. It was a lot of fun but I can honestly admit that I’m way way better at Wii sports tennis than regular tennis! I sometimes hit the ball but we never had very long rallies. It was usually at least 3 hits than a miss! Also I kept hitting the ball backwards somehow! The worst bit was that several times today I’d miss the ball and it’d fly right past my head and go into my nextdoor neighbors yard! He had a fence that had a few wooden pickets and a bit of the fence was made of branches. I had to keep climbing over the part made of branches to get the ball. He grows stuff from the ground so there’s a big dirt area in his yard where he plants his stuff and as my luck would have it that’s usually where the ball would land! I kept getting rocks and sand and dirt in my shoes! So not fun! Despite all this I had a great time playing with Mom and I definately have a new favorite racket sport (no offense badminton!) Which do you prefer? Badminton or tennis? Tell me in the comments!


VBS 2012

Hey blog world! Today was the final day of my church’s VBS! VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. This year our theme was SonSurf Beach Bash ! It was such a great week! Every single day we had a different big question and big answer. I forget the big questions (I’m unfortunately very good at forgetting stuff as you probably already know) but I remember the big answers. Monday was meet up with Jesus, Tuesday was look up to Jesus, Wednesday was join up with Jesus, yesterday was open up to Jesus and today was fire up for Jesus. We did all sorts of cool stuff at SonSurf Beach Bash! We played games, made crafts, sang songs, listened to stories and had snacks! I really enjoyed the snacks! They were super yummy! On Monday we had wraps with strawberries and what I assumed was custard on the inside and a piece of licorice was tying it up. Tuesday’s snack was a lemon Timbit on top of a ritz cracker with whipped cream. On top of the timbit was a gummy candy and also a chocolate chip. Wednesday’s snack was a sea urchin (chocolate covered pretzels arranged to look like a sea urchin) and also pieces of marble cheese and pretzel sticks arranged to look like a cross. Yesterday’s snack (my favorite one) was a cupcake and also some trail mix. Today’s snack was a sea turtle! It was made out of a white chocolate chip, 2 pieces of bread with a slice of ham in the middle and also chopped up gummy worms. I really enjoyed all the activities we did. Crafts was so much fun! We made all kinds of cool stuff! We made a plastic ball with seashells and sand on the inside which we can hang in our window or on our Christmas tree, we dyed towels, we decorated paper bags, we made board games and today we colored bean bag turtles (I named mine Harriet after Franklin’s little sister ). The games were quite fun too! We played a game where we all got into a circle and held hands and we had to try and pass a hula hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands. The leader made it real hard on us because we eventually had 7 hoops going at once! It really wasn’t easy then! We also played a game where we had to hit a beach ball back and forth without letting it hit the ground. Our record was 70! We bet the younger kids (their record was 50)! We also tried playing volleyball with bedsheets and a beach ball today. It wasn’t very easy! Music was definately my favorite part! The songs we learned were all AWESOME! My favorites were “I Am The Way”, “Everybody Lets Go” (that was our theme song), “J E S U S” and “Look Up” Even though today was the last day of VBS I wasn’t sad because on Sunday all the kids that went to VBS get to sing all the songs that we learned! Also afterward there’s a family fun day! It’s gonna be a blast! Did you go to a VBS this year blog world? What was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments!

AGT Vegas Week Part 2

Hey blog world! Last night was the final night of Vegas Week on AGT! The top 48 have been decided and the live shows start on Monday! Boy I can’t wait! Last night’s acts were the stand by’s. There weren’t many spots left so they really had to bring it last night! Bring it is definately what they did! I was very surprised to see that some of my faves were stand by’s. David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s for example. Their audition was incredible! They danced and painted Beethoven all at the same time! For Vegas I think they painted Elvis but I’m not too sure. I also forget which song they used. Also Michael Nejad was a stand by. That was another big surprise! I was really impressed with his audition! I was really impressed with his Vegas act too. I have no idea what in the world he was playing but man was it ever a cool contraption! An act who’s placement as a stand by didn’t surprise me a bit was Big Barry. I gotta admit Big Barry is handsome and funny but he can’t sing! Listen to this He’s not very good at all! I can’t even believe he made it to the top 48. His spot should have gone to someone else! I was very happy that Turf was a stand by because I really don’t like him. I find him quite freaky! Unfortunately he made it to the top 48 along with Big Barry. I’m not a big rap fan but I really like Burton Crane and Granny G. I was really dissappointed that they were stand by’s. I was even more dissappointed when they got eliminated! Oh well! Whatcha gonna do (for those of you who didn’t get that pun Whatcha Gonna Do was the name of the rap that Burton did in his audition). One of the dance groups named Inspire The Fire had it real tough in Vegas. Not only were they stand by’s but one of the group members wallets was stolen, one of them sprained their ankle and another threw up right before the performance! Despite all the bad luck they made it through to NYC! As did Lil Starr. She’s an adorable kid and a great dancer! Last night she put on an army outfit and danced to “Captain Jack” by Captain Jack She was really good! I was really happy with her being put through. I was also happy to see the Distinguished Men of Brass go through as well. They used to play at Disneyland but now they’ll be playing in NYC on one of the AGT live shows! They performed “I Feel Good” by James Brown last night and I thought their instrumental version was incredible! Who are your favorite acts in the top 48? Tell me in the comments!

AGT Vegas week part 1

Hey blog world! Last night and Monday night were the 1st 2 nights of Vegas Week on AGT! A lot of the acts did really well! There were a lot of screw ups though. For example Andrew DeLeon the opera singer who I can only describe as Marilyn Manson meets Jackie Evancho let his nerves get the best of him and he forgot the words and just stood there as the music continued playing. Also Mary Joyner the daughter of olympians Flojo and also Al Joyner (both track and fielders) fooled up and forgot her words as well. Also one of the members of a BMX group (I forget their name) wiped out! Thankfully he was alright! The worst screw up by far was made by a comedian. I can’t remember his name though. Aparently he was an impressionist but he took the advice of Howie who told him to do some writing and it really didn’t work out. He told a joke that nobody found funny and he was dissappointed so he asked to start over and he repeated the punch line! He got sent home immediatley! Andrew and Mary got sent home as well. I was very dissappointed because of that. They’re both great singers with loads of potential! I figured that at least 1 of them could have gone all the way! I was very pleased with the performances of a lot of the acts. I loved All Beef Patty’s performance! All Beef Patty is a drag queen and for vegas he performed one of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs “Before He Cheats”! I thought he was great! The judges did too! He’s moving on to NYC (it’s not L.A this year because Howard needs to be in NYC so he can do his radio show on one of the Serius XM radio stations.) I also thought that Ulysses did great as well! I was hoping he’d sing another theme song for Vegas. Instead he sang “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers. He did a really good job of it! He moved ahead to NYC! Also unfortunately Horse moved on as well. I was surprised he even made it past the auditions! I really don’t think he’s worth the million. I can’t wait til tonight to see who else is gonna make it through. The stand by acts are the only ones left and there aren’t very many spots so they better bring their A game if they want to make it to NYC. For those who want to watch it’s on NBC at 10:30 Newfoundland time. If you aren’t in Newfoundland check your local listings! See you tomorrow blog world! I’ll blog about what happened so those of you who missed the show can catch up on what you’ve missed.

St John’s Comedy Fest 2012

Hey blog world! Last night my Dad and I attended the St John’s Comedy Fest for the 2nd year in a row! Like last year we attended the final performance of the festival the CBC gala (which will be broadcast on CBC)! It was so much fun! This years gala was held at the Delta hotel. It was a really nice place! Dad and I were super lucky again this year since we got front row seats once again! How lucky is that? The 1st comic that performed for us was Mike Bullard. He wasn’t there last year so it was my 1st time seeing him perform! He was the only comic of the night with no material! His entire act was talking to and making jokes about the audience! During his act he said that the guy sitting 2 seats to my right should be a model and when he asked him what his name was he said Ryan and when he asked his occupation he said weatherman! I didn’t recognise him at 1st but then I realized I was sitting close to Ryan Snoddon the weatherman from CBC! That was really cool! Another person that performed last night that wasn’t there last year was Gavin Crawford. He’s a cast member of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”! He wasn’t exactly himself during this performance. What I mean by that is he did most of his performance in character! He 1st put on a black wig and a cape and took on the role of Snape (from the Harry Potter books) and showed us what it would be like inside of a wizard Yuk Yuks (that’s the name of a comedy club)! Then he put on a pair of glasses and pretended to be a Sweedish book publisher trying to proove to us that all Sweedish novels aren’t crime fiction books like “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”. There was also another cast member of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”. Mary Walsh! I was hoping she’d come out dressed as Marg Delahunty  (a warrior princess who was one of Mary’s many recurring characters on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”) but she was herself. At least she was really funny too! She did drop the F bomb a few times but other than that I thought her material was pretty funny! There was even a sketch comedy group that performed for us. Snook (who once again hosted the gala) said it was a rare reunion so they must have stopped doing shows but decided to do a few skits just for us! Their name was Dance Party Newfoundland. Their 1st sketch was about a guy named Bayroni (who would always say “D’as all” after saying his name). He was pretty much Newfoundland’s male Blanche Deveraux  (if you know what I mean). As a result of that he had several kids in several different countries! I can’t remember much else about Bayroni (d’as all) but at the end he got a girl to agree with going for a ride with him in his car. She asked where they were going and he said “Heaven”. Unfortunately for Bayroni he’s the only one that went to heaven. You see as they were driving he hit a guard rail  and the woman (who never mentioned her name for some reason) survived the crash but Bayroni however did not. Then the girl, one of Bayroni’s many sons and some other dude (I forget who he was) said how they remembered the night he died and that he’ll be missed and they all learned something from him. Then his son spoke up and said “In the end he was Bayroni” and then in unison they all said (feel free to say it as you read it) “D’as all”! Despite the crash I thought it was a pretty funny sketch! One of the members of Dance Party Newfoundland came out by himself and did some stand up his name was Johnny Harris. He got his act off to a weird start. This is literally how he opened. “Hands up irritable bowel syndrome!” I found that disturbing and quite awkward! IBS is what his entire act was based upon. How and when he was diagnosed and some of the treatments he received. I thought his act was a little disturbing but it was funny! Also another newbie was Paul Warford. I can’t remember much of his material. There were a few people from last year that returned to the fest. John Sheehan was one of them. I thought he was great! I loved his Newfoundland storage wars joke! I won’t tell it because they may air it on TV so you’ll probably hear it there. Trent McKlellan was back this year too. I must admit I found him funnier than last year. In fact the whole show was funnier than last years! The final performer of the night was Nikki Payne! She began by asking the kids in the audience to clap. I did and she heard and asked me what my name was and how old. After I told her that she said there were things that I needed to know. One of which was that I should stay at home for as long as I can! I also remember that in the middle of her act I took a sip of my cranberry juice and she said Drink up Leah”! Also she did a joke about her water softener and I piped up and said that I don’t even know what it is and she said “Neither do I and I own one!” I thought that was really funny! After the show I got to meet some of the comics because they came out to the lobby of the hotel to say hi to people and sign autographs and get pictures! I was super lucky because when I was talking to Mike Bullard he gave me a kiss on the cheek! That was a total cloud 9 moment for me. Although Chris De Burgh’s hug is definately #1 on my best cloud 9 moment list! Mike’s kiss is #2 (if your reading this Mike no offense!) John Sheehan gave me a bit of a workout because he was halfway down the hallway and I wanted to get his autograph and get a picture so I had to run after him LOL! After his picture he said “You probably wanna get this guy before he leaves” and as soon as I turn around there’s Gavin Crawford on his way out the door! I thankfully managed to stop him and grab a picture. Too bad he didn’t have his Snape costume with him! It would have been so cool to get a picture with him wearing the Snape wig and cape! I am so excited for the gala to air on TV because I may be shown on air! I don’t know when it’s gonna air but I’ll let you know so you can all watch! Were you at the fest last night? Tell me your favorite part about it in the coments!


My top 5 favorite musical movies

Hey blog world! I LOVE when broadway musicals get turned into movies! They’re always so much fun to watch (and usually the actors chosen are really good!) Here are my top 5 favorite musical movies!

#5 “Rent” This a movie about a group of Bohemian friends and a full year in their lives. It’s sad at times but it’s quite funny as well. My favorite song from this movie is “Tango Maureen”

#4 “West Side Story” This is a modernized version of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Accept it happens in America, the feud is between Puerto Ricans and americans instead of families and there are gangs. We watched this movie in music class in grade 7 and I loved every minute! My favorite song from this movie is “Officer Krupke”!

#3 “The Phantom Of The Opera” This is the story of a disfigured Phantom who lives beneath the Opera Populaire in Paris and falls in love with Christine Dae one of the stars of the opera. I thought that it was a little scary at times but I really liked it! My favorite song from this movie is “Think Of Me”

#2 “The Fairly Odd Parents School’s Out The Musical”. This one wasn’t on broadway. Actually it was never once performed on stage (but I think it should be). It was an hour long TV special that they air each summer on YTV! It starts on the last day of school when the kids all get out and start having fun. The parents think they’re being too destructive and rowdy so they send each and every kid to Flappy Bob’s camp Learnatorium for the entire summer. Timmy doesn’t like that so he wishes kids could rule the world and it all goes downhill from there. My favorite song from this movie is “Kids Just Being Kids”!

#1 “Annie” This is the story of the red headded orphan named Annie who gets to spend a week living with the richest man in NYC named Oliver Warbucks. I’ve memorized each and every word to each and every song in this film! My favorite song in this movie is “Little Girls”!

What’s your favorite musical movie blog world? Tell me in the comments!


Mauricio’s stand up act

Hey blog world! My good friend Mauricio Herrera from AGT is now not only an amazing singer but also a stand up comedian! He performed at the Ice House Comedy Club on Thursday night! He was really funny! He posted video’s of his performance on youtube and I really like them all! Here’s a video of the full thing for you guys to enjoy! Tell me what you thought of his act in the comments!