Storage Wars

Hey blog world! I have recently become a HUGE fan of the TV show “Storage Wars” on A&E . My love of the show is thanks to my Aunt. I never liked the show at 1st but after watching it so many times at her house (she’s a big fan too) I learned to love it! Now I watch it nearly every night! It’s an auction show where these 5 people in the picture (and lots of others who either never buy anything or we don’t see when others get lockers) have 5 minutes to look at what’s inside a storage locker but they can’t go inside or pick up anything. Once those minutes are up they bid on the locker and whoever bids the highest wins. My favorite part of the show is definately when they get to open their lockers! I love seeing what’s inside and watching the value of the stuff in the lockers go up… unless it’s Dave Hester going through the locker. Dave Hester (the one with the brown hair in the black t shirt) or chiuaua/annoying orange as I call him is my least favorite character on the show. He’s annoying (which is why I sometimes call him annoying orange) and also when he bids he reminds me of a yappy little chiuaua (which is why I also call him chiuaua). Even the others think so! Speaking of others the other main people on this show are Darryl Sheets (the one to the left of Dave with the tattooes and white beard) who according to the opening theme is the gambler of the group (Dave by the way is the mogul) who’s catchphrase is “This is the WOW factor”, Barry Weiss (the one in the blue shirt with sunglasses) who is my absolute favorite person, is considered the collector and wears these awesome skeletal gloves to prevent his fingerprints from getting on the stuff in the lockers so he won’t lessen the value, finally there’s Brandi and Jerod. Jerod is considered the young gun though I’m not sure why. He and Brandi his wife go to the auctions together and even though they have their share of dissagreements they always find some amazing stuff in their lockers to add to their store. Out of all the things that they’ve found in the lockers I think my favorite finds were Dave’s china box thingy (I can’t quite remember what it was. It was a glass box of some sort. I think it was chinese but I can’t quite remember) which he broke on the way out of the car to get it appraised (which made me super happy since I hate Dave), Darryl’s teddy bear (I can’t remember what brand name it was but it was really old and in great condition so he made loads of money off of that), Barry’s magic head twister trick (he didn’t get much money for it but since I’m a magic lover I still thought it was cool) and Jarod and Brandi’s double safes! They were super lucky because in one of their lockers they found not 1 but 2 safes full of stuff! They made a extremely large profit from that! Since I’m a huge fan of this show I think it’d be so cool to go to a storage auction! I don’t know if they hold auctions there but there’s a place called Metro Self Storage here in Newfoundland and if they hold storage auctions it’d be so cool to go! Who is your favorite person on Storage Wars blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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