Summer Games

Hey blog world! I just had one of the best days ever! Today I participated in my Special Olympics summer games! I was a morning bowler so I started off my day by bowling 3 games. Me and my team did exceptionally well! After bowling we got to eat a delicious pizza for our lunch! It was my favorite kind! Cheese and pepperoni! After we had our pizza we went into this little room full of chairs and tables and we all sat down and they turned on “Cheaper By The Dozen 2” for us to watch. Although not many people watched it. Several people conversed with others, the lady sitting next to me was doing word searches in a book and me I played a game of “Card Sharks” with my friend Shawn. It was basically his home version of the TV show! It was fun! After a round of that one of the coaches brought over a game of “Guess Who” to the table and I loved that game so after she and my friend played a round I asked to play against him. We played a few games and not once did I win! After a few rounds of “Guess Who” we borrowed a deck of cards from my teammate and played Crazy 8’s! The tables really turned then! I won game after game! He won a few times but I won most of our games. Thankfully just like me he’s a good sport and didn’t mind loosing to me. After a while a DJ started playing some music and we had a small little mini dance to get us hyped up for the dance we’d be having later on then we went outside for a while so the coaches could get everything set up and ready for our supper. When we went back inside and sat back down and were each passed a golden (and greasy) box of Mary Browns. I opened up my box and found a drumstick, thigh (which I traded with Dad for a wing) and bag of taters. After I had eaten we had our awards ceremony. My team won a bronze! I’m so proud of us! After the awards we were supposed to have a dance but we were behind schedule so we ended up not being able to have one! Oh well! At least we got a little mini one! I had such a great time at the games and am so proud of myself, my team and everyone else! Were you there today? If so tell me your favorite part about the games in the comments!


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