Hey blog world! Remember the post “Celebrity Autographs”? In that post I told you that I really enjoyed being a collector! It’s quite true! My room is full to the brim with boxes and shelves full of stuff I collect. 1 collection that I really enjoy looking at from time to time is my pin collection! I have loads and loads of different pins! Whenever I go somewhere and see pins I always get one and add it to my collection! I have several different Janeway pins because I’m on the Telethon every year and I always make sure to take a pin and buy a T Shirt as a souvenir from that year’s telethon! I’ve got 6 of them. 5 from each year I was on the telethon and 1 very very special one! I can’t quite remember what year this happened but I remember being in a room at the Janeway full of timbits, cookies, ice cream and pop where the people who were going to be on (or have already been on) the telethon could sit and relax. A male member of the lions club was sitting in a chair next to me and I was telling him how I collected pins from each year. I can’t remember weather he took it from his vest or out of his pocket but he gave me the very very 1st Janeway Telethon pin! It was really cool! It was a girl and a boy riding in the red and yellow Children’s Miracle Network hot air balloon  and on the balloon in silver letters was JCHF which stands for Janeway Childrens Hospital Foundation! I doubt that those pins are still in circulation since they only represent that particular year so I feel special to have all of these! Especially the very 1st one! I’ve also got a little autism angel pin which I got at the autism center. I have a purple pin as well with a lilly on it. I found that one yesterday amid 7 paper clips, and a golden letter B with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy on it in a small little white bag of pennies. I could honestly do a whole post on weird stuff I find while rolling my pennies! Another one of my collections is T Shirts. Whenever I go to a concert if they’re not too expensive I buy a T Shirt to add to my collection of memories! I’ve gotten 1 from Reba and Red Green! Also I collect Janeway T Shirts (as I’ve already told you) and I collect summer camp T Shirts as well. Usually at summer camps I attend they hand out T Shirts to all the campers! Whenever I go through my closet and see one of them it brings back a load of memories! I also have a Spongebob collection as I told you in the “Celebrity Autographs” post! I’m a huge Spongebob fan so I have a lot of Spongebob memorabillia! I’ve got toys, books, a CD, keychains, a necklace, DVD’s, board games and for one of my birthday’s I had a Spongebob cake and it had a HUGE plastic Spongebob laying on it along with 2 rubber balls. 1 of Patrick and 1 of Spongebob! I also collect Simpson’s stuff as well. That started a while ago when KFC was offering the promotion to get a Simpsons figurine when you buy something (I can’t remember what that was). I liked those figurines so much that I decided to collect them and also expand my collectin a little more and get other Simpsons stuff! I now have several action figures, a moving Homer toy (It’s Homer on his knees drooling attached to a plate of doughnuts and when you move out the doughnuts which are attached to a string Homer will move toward them), DVD’s, a Mr Burns trading card, a video game and a book as well! I also collect “Arthur” trading cards! I’m not sure how many I have but I think I have almost the full set! These cards are very easy to find if you too want to collect them! Go to and click on trading cards and print out which ever ones you want! I have several thousand other collections but these are all I’m gonna talk about today! What kind of things do you collect blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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