Special TV Characters

Hey blog world? Remember the post that I did called “Special Celebrities”? Well today I’m gonna do something similar. It’ll be the exact same as that post but with fictional TV characters instead! Enjoy!

Kami (“Takalani Sesame”) . I doubt most of you have heard of her because she is from the South African version of “Sesame Street” called “Takalani Sesame” (which means “Get Happy Sesame”). I was on the Sesame Workshop website one day (don’t judge me) and I noticed an article about Kami and I got intrigued so I read it. Turns out she’s HIV+! This is a 1st for the Muppets! I don’t know much about her but according to the article and further online resarch (again please don’t judge me) she’s 5 and her backstory is she received a transfusion of tainted blood when she was younger and that’s how she became HIV+.

George Lundgrin (“Arthur”) . George is my absolute FAVORITE character on “Arthur”! He shares my interst in ventrilloquism (and is way better than I am at it LOL), gets frequent spontaneous nosebleeds (as shown in the episode “Vomitrocious”) just like me and even walked all the way from Elwood City to Crown City to raise money for Autism resarch! What makes George special is that in the episode “The Boy With His Head In The Clouds” he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I think it’d be super awesome if George were real! Him and me would definately be best friends!

Stevie (“Malcom In The Middle”) . I’m not sure if it was ever revealed why Stevie is a wheelchair user but if it has I haven’t seen that particular episode so can someone explain to me why? Also another thing I didn’t know about Stevie until recently is that because of his asthma he’s only got 1 lung! Aside from these 2 things he lives a normal life and is a really cool kid!

Randy Hickey (“My Name Is Earl”) . It was never revealed in the series but soon after my diagnosis of autism (thus the name of this blog) I had a very sensitive Autistic character meter and it sure was going off when I first met Randy! He’s entertained by the simplest of things (like a radiator for example), can easily memorize and recite lines from movies and has occasional tantrums. Randy is my favorite one of the Hickey’s because he’s so funny! Also he’s a great brother! He’s always there to help Earl with the list whenever he’s needed!

Marina Dattilo (“Arthur”) . Marina is yet another special charcter from Arthur. She is Prunella’s best friend. They met eachother in the episode “Prunella’s Special Edition” when Prunella was mistakingly given a braille copy of a Henry Skreever (that’s their version of Harry Potter) book which was supposed to be for Marina. As you can tell by her reading braille Marina is blind. She uses a cane (as you can see in the picture) and uses a clock to see where her food is (what I mean by that is to help her find her food her Mom arranges it on the table like a clock. For example fried chicken at 3:00 and macaroni salad at 12:30). She also plays soccer (very well I might add)! She has a special beeper on her ball so she’ll always know where it is! I really like Marina because I think all her special stuff like the beeping ball and her deck of braille playing card are really cool!

Do you have a favorite special fictional TV character blog world? Tell me about him/her in the comments!


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