Hey blog world! Today was unfortunately the last day of my university course. No I didn’t skip a bunch of grades I just took a 2 day mini enrichment course at the university out in town. It was called “Creating Virtual Worlds With Alice”! It was so much fun! Alice is this neat little program that lets you use all kinds of backgrounds, templates, characters and items to create and play your own virtual world! It’s difficult because say you want to create a virtual world where a dump truck goes through a hedge maze (that was one of our exercises (my most hated one to be honest because I couldn’t get it to work!)) Unless you want your dump truck entering the maze and then turning around and exiting or just plowing straight through the maze (both of which happened to me) you have to make sure that you plan out every move correctly, know just how many revolutions you want it to turn and how long you want it to do each thing. Other than all that stuff it’s a heck of a lot of fun! We each got to create our own virtual world today and I created a wintery version of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”! I called it “Snowmeo and Juliet” because I used a snowman and woman instead of actual people. I also made poor Juliet single because in my world they decided to move far away from their feuding families so they could get married but they moved to a place that was much too hot causing Snowmeo to melt! Also we made our own collaborative one yesterday and it was quite random yet a lot of fun! Basically we had this guy named Bob on the moon with a T Rex, Pterodactyl and spaceman and they were all battling eachother! All while there is a massive concert going on in the background! The Pterodactyl even sings “Crazy Trian” by Ozzy Osbourne! It’s amazing what people can come up with when they put their minds together isn’t it? Anyway if you ever get to do a mini enrichment course I strongly reccommend this one! You’ll love every single second! Also if you want to be your own teacher and fiddle around with the program and try and learn it yourself and create some virtual worlds of your own you can download Alice at! Have you ever done a mini enrichment course blog world? Tell me about it in the comments!


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