Songs I’ve yet to play on iTunes

Hey blog world! I read a blog the other day called backtothemusic and she basically reviews an album every day from her iTunes until there’s a #1 on all of them (a #1 means that she’s played it once). I thought that was a cool idea and since I have some 0’s myself thought I’d make my own blog post like that. Let’s begin with “A Good Year For The Roses” by George Jones I’m not entirely sure what this song is about. What it seems like to me is that his wife left him (and her half full coffee cup). I don’t know what he means by “A good year for the roses” though. Even though I don’t get what it means I still think it’s a really pretty song and the music is great!

“Real and Scary” from the “Fairly Odd Parents” I love this song! I’m the opposite of Timmy because I prefer things being quote “cardboard, squeeky or clean” when it comes to halloween costumes (I don’t like scary stuff at all) but other than our little difference I love this song! Especially Cozmo’s parts!

“The Water Buffalo Song” from “VeggieTales” This was the very 1st ever silly song! I loved it! It’s hillarious and also it teaches us a very important lesson! Never EVER bring a water buffalo to the store with you!

“It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me” Billy Joel Great song… not so great video. I didn’t even bother finishing it! It’s just Billy and his band performing in what seems to be a garage! I am a huge fan of concert video’s but definately not garage ones! The song though is great! I don’t know what pink side winders are but hearing this song makes me want to find out! The sax part is super amazing as well!

“We Go Together” from “Grease” Best song from the entire movie! It’s super catchy and lots of fun to dance to. The best part is the part in the middle where they do all the scatting (ramma lamma lamma etc)!

What are some of your favorite songs in your iTunes library blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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