AGT season 7 so far

Hey blog world! On Monday night and also last night NBC aired the season 7 premier of “America’s Got Talent” with new judge Howard Stern  but yet somehow Piers is still judging! You see I’m pretty sure Howard is just Piers in costume and using a fake voice. Howard is the exact same thing! He’s buzzer happy, has made a child cry and when a juggling act came on the second that he dropped one of the things he was juggling Howard buzzed! Piers was also buzzer happy and has done both these things! The acts that have performed so far were quite the grab bag of different talents! Some of my favorites so far are Dave Burleigh a celebrity impressionist! He did lots of cool impressions like Tom Bergeron (the host of AFV and also Dancing With The Stars), Gary Busey (he played Buddy Holly in the movie “The Buddy Holly Story”) and even Jack Black (he was Po in “Kung Fu Panda”)! His impressions were spot on! They were amazing! Another amazing act was Granny G! She’s an 80 year old rapper that raps about family values! She was cool! She uses a walker and after her performance Sharon said that she should bedazzle it! I totally agree! That’d look super awesome! I also loved David Garibaldi and his CMYK’s! They’re a painting and dancing group at the same time! I’d never seen anyone do what they did before and I was instantly hooked! Their performance was incredible! There were also some very horrible acts as well. 1 of which was Sanjula I don’t even know how to describe this guys act (because I was too afraid to watch) so just watch. All that I can tell you from the few seconds I had my eyes open he’s like Captain and Maybelle but 10 times more disgusting! I also didn’t like Aoni Jackson or as I call him the “Stripgician” You’ll see what I mean when you watch. His act was just confusing and even though I do love the song “Patricia The Stripper” by Chris De Burgh I don’t like stripper acts! Especially not this one! It was just weird! What were some of your favorite acts from this season so far blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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