Chris De Burgh live

Hey blog world! Last night was the best night of my life! I got to see Chris De Burgh in concert! This whole amazing experience started with a stocking! Yes blog world a Christmas stocking! It was early Christmas morning and I was going through my stocking to see what surprises were inside! I found loads of fruit, warm socks for my trip to Quebec (to read more about that please read the blog post entitled “Quebec”), chocolates galore and also an envelope! I took the envelope out of my stocking and took out what was inside. What I found was a ticket to see Chris De Burgh live at the Mile 1 Center! I was extremely happy but then making the realization that there was only 1 ticket I ended up being not so happy since I’d have to go alone. Thankfully as Dad was going through his stocking he too found a ticket to see Chris De Burgh so I was once again happy now knowing I had someone to go to the concert with! Last night when we got to the concert and sat down in our seats I saw a man sitting a few seats back in the row in front of me. I only saw the back of his head but I knew he looked familliar! It was my math teacher from grade 7! The school librarian was there as well! In fact he was in the seat right in front of me! When Chris came out on the stage and started singing I was so happy! It was my 1st time seeing him live and he sounded amazing! After the 1st 2 songs he talked a while and said “I hope you brought your sandwitches and PJ’s because this show goes on for a while” (I’m  not sure if I used his exact words but if not it’s pretty close.) By a while I thought he meant 2 hours but I was wrong! It ended up being 3! Not only was I amazed with Chris’s singing and his band’s playing but also the visual effects were AWESOME! Especially for “Spanish Train”! During that song on the little video screen at the top right of the stage there was an image of moving rollercoaster tracks (my father thought they looked like train tracks but to me they looked more like rollercoaster ones)! It was so cool! He sang lots and lots of great songs that night like “Don’t Pay The Ferryman”, “A Spaceman Came Travelling” (during which he got us to sing along with him) and he even did a cover of “SOS” by ABBA! The most magical part of the night for me was when he sang “Lady In Red” The reason why is because he came out into the audience during that song and hugged, shook hands and danced with people in the audience. I was up in the arena seating (where people sit during the hockey games) and Chris was down on the floor (where they put the rink during hockey games). I asked permission from Dad and he let me go down there and try to get Chris’s attention so I could shake his hand or maybe even dance with him! I raced down to where Chris was and he saw me, smiled a humongeous smile and gave me a hug! I was on cloud 9! So much so that I actually forgot where my seat was LOL! I ended up wandering around the arena seating until Dad finally found me and led me back to our seats! Another highlight of the night was the encore! My favorite Chris De Burgh song of them all is “Patricia The Stripper” and despite all of the cries of “Sing Patricia” coming from the audience (most of them were coming from me) he didn’t sing it! When the concert was over (or so I thought) I was so dissappointed, but then he came back onto the stage! Then he finally sang it! I was super happy! I was dancing in my seat and everything! It was definately the most fun song that he sang that night! It was midnight when we got home and I was super tired but I was happy! I had just had the best night of my life ever and I will never ever forget it! Thank you so much Chris for coming to Newfoundland and playing  an incredible concert!

Bye for now everyone! Remember don’t pay the ferryman til he gets you to the other side!



2 thoughts on “Chris De Burgh live

  1. I found a like to this on the CdeB Forum and it almost feels like I’m reading my own review!! Your experience is almost the same as mine except I went with my Mum and it was in Moncton 🙂
    Congratulations on getting a hug!! We got one too! Isn’t it just the most amazing feeling?? I swear that time stopped for a moment =)
    I hope you get to see him in concert again one day! Once just isn’t enough 😉

    • Your definately right! That hug was the most amazing feeling! I had never expected to get one and I was absolutely on cloud 9 when I got it! I sure hope I do get to see him again! That would be so awesome (especially if he hugged me again)!

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