The top 10 comics I wanna see live

Hey blog world! I love stand up comedy and whenever a comic comes to NL I jump at the chance to get tickets! There are several comics however that I’ve never seen live and really really want to! Here is my top 10 lists of comics I really wanna see live!

10: John Pinette . John came here earlier this year but unfortunately me attending his show was a big nay nay. I couldn’t get tickets! Next time he comes here though I’m definately gonna get them! He is super funny! He always makes me laugh when he says “Get outta the line”! The voice he uses is hillarious (and kinda reminds me of my aunt!) Also since my boyfriend is a HUGE fan of John Pinette and he also missed him when he was here I’m definately gonna take him with me if John ever comes back!

9: Brent Butt  . You may recognise Brent from the TV shows “Corner Gas” (where he played Brent Leroy the owner of Corner Gas) and “Hiccups” (where he plays life coach Stan Dirko). He’s also a very funny stand up comic. He’s never been to Newfoundland though. I sure hope he comes here someday! If he ever does and I get to go I hope he tells the joke about Fabio being hit by a goose on a rollercoaster (that by the way actually happened!)

8 Gilbert Gottfried . He does a lot of family movies and TV shows (like “Problem Child”, “Aladdin” and most recently he was on an episode of “Sesame Street”) but when he’s on the stage doing stand up he’s not appropriate for young audiences at all. I’d love to see him live but I’m definately gonna wait a while before I buy tickets.

7 Christopher Titus: . Ever since I saw him on “Just For Laughs” I knew I’d want to see this guy live! The story of how his daughter was born is so funny! Also I love it when he said how she explained the space shuttle landing “As she so eloquently put it shuttle go BOOM!” LOL!

6 Gerry Dee: . He is appearing tonight in NL and I am unfortunately not going. Oh well! I’m sure he’ll come back (probably not as often as Johnny Reid (he’s been here at least 3 times already) but I’m sure he’ll come back)! If he ever does I really wanna see him! His TV show “Mr D” always cracks me up and so does his stand up. He’s a former teacher so that’s what most of his material is derived from. That and parenting. I can’t remember exactly how it goes but I loved the joke he told about how at recess he’d always say random things to his friend Rami Jaharri (if your reading this Rami I hope I have your name spelled correctly) hoping that he’d actually be speaking Chinese (that was the language Rami spoke (or so I think. I can’t exactly remember but I think that was it.)).

5 Brad Sherwood and Colin Mocherie:. These 2 are a package deal when it comes to performing. They’re from the improv group “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”. They have never ever been to Newfoundland but I sure hope that they come! Especially because most of their act involves audience participation! I love improv and am great at it so hopefully if they ever do come here I’ll get to go on stage with them! That’d be so cool! My favorite game that Colin and Brad play in their show is called “Hearing Impaired”

4 Dave Coulier:. He played the role of my favorite adult on “Full House” Joey Gladstone! (My favorite child on the show was Michelle!) A great bonus about going to see Dave live is that his act is clean! No vulgarity or innapropriate jokes! My favorite one of Dave’s jokes is where he sings a song in African and then explains what it means in english! Like most comics on this list he has not yet been here but I hope he’ll be coming soon!

3 Ron James: . Yet another miss out. I wanted to see him but couldn’t get tickets! Next time though I’m definately gonna try hard to get them! I’m a total Ron James fan! I never miss his show on CBC “The Ron James Show” and I always make sure to watch whenever he’s on “Just For Laughs”! I can’t think of a favorite Ron James joke because I love them all!

2 David O’Doherty :. David also has never been here. I don’t know if he’ll ever come but I hope so! He’s a musical comedian! He does have a few spoken jokes but most of his act is singing! In fact his songs have inspired 2 blog posts here on Asbie Diaries! “FAQ for the LDM” and “Very Mild Superpowers”! Speaking of “FAQ for the LDM” the song that inspired me to make that post was “FAQ for the DOD” and that’s my favorite David O’Doherty song! We get to learn more about him and laugh a whole lot!

1 Don Kelly: . Don is an Ojibwe and an extremely funny one at that! He hosts the TV show “Fish Out Of Water” along with Dawn Dumont. I have never missed that show once! I’ve never seen his stand up act but I’m sure it’s super funny! I would pay anything to see him if he ever came to Newfoundland! I’d pay even more to meet him afterwards! That’d be so awesome!

Which stand up comic have you never seen live but would really like to? Tell me in the comments! Bye for now blog world and Migwetch (that’s Ojibwe for “Thank You”) for reading!


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