Summer Songs

Hey blog world! Summer is very quickly approaching so I thought I’d put you all in the spirit by posting some of my favorite summer songs!

“Summertime” by Mungo Jerry This is a great summertime song! It’s got a great beat, the music is great and also it gives guys ideas for where to take their girlfriends on dates!

“Water” by Brad Paisley This song is all about one of my favorite summertime things! Water! Brad sings about all the stuff you can do in on and with it! Whenever I hear this song it brings back memories of all the summer fun I have swimming!

“School’s Out For Summer” by Alice Cooper In my books Summer doesn’t officialy start until this song is sung! Someone should definately get in touch with Barack and make this song the OFFICIAL summer starter! The second that the last school bell rings it should be the law to play this song!

“Surfin USA” by the Beach Boys This song is all about one of the coolest summer passtimes, Surfing! I’ve never tried it but man does it look fun!

“Long Hot Summer” by Keith Urban The name of this song pretty much describes summer! Long and hot! It’s a super fun song to dance to and I love Keith’s guitar playing! It’s awesome!

What’s your favorite summer song blog world? Tell me in the comments!


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