Special SO event

Hey blog world! On Saturday I had so much fun! I went to the Clovelly golf course for a special event with my special olympics team! There were only 2 people there from my team. The rest were athletes from all over the province that played all different kinds of sports! There were snowshoers, a power lifter, bowlers (I was one) and even a hockey player! The 1st thing that we did was pose for a group picture. They wanted the picture taken with everyone holding up a sign so we each took a sign. Each sign had the name of a sport written in big white lettering and below that there was a little white stick man playing that sport! Some athletes got to hold signs with the stick dude playing the sport they played. Some of us didn’t. I was one of those people. A bowler from the Tri Con team (Tri Con is short for Trinity Conception) got to hold the bowling sign so because I was very tall and looked like a basketball player I got to hold the basketball sign! After we got our picture taken we had a couple of minutes to chat with the athletes and get to know one another then after about 10 minutes a coach or volunteer from each team picked an athlete from each team to go to a house party! I was the one picked from my team! I can’t remember what number the house was or what road it was on but I do remember there was a HUGE power lifting sign (the same kind of sign as the ones we all held in the picture) in the front yard. I don’t know who was the owner of the house because there were so many people there but aparently I was in the house of the person that owns Rogers Cable! That was cool! I had a lot of fun at the party! I socialized, met lots of really cool new people and had some chili! When I got back to Clovelly we had some really yummy hors d’oeuvres! There were sliders (that’s the fancy term for a teeny tiny burger), chicken wings, meatballs in some kind of sauce, nacho’s (with guacamole and salsa to dip) and sandwitches too! The sliders were definately the hardest to pick up because they were being held together by some kind of stick thingies and every time I picked one up it’d fall apart! Out of all the food the wings were definately my favorite! They were delicious! As was everything else we had to eat! Next we took our signs again and went parading around the golf course! I had never been in a parade before and I loved every minute of this one! People were clapping and cheering and waving and everything! I felt so special! When we returned from the parade we had to sit at the table that had a small sign that had the same sport as our big sign on it. When we sat down a bunch of adults that I recognized from the house party (and some that I didn’t recognize at all) came in and sat down at the tables. I can’t quite remember how many but I think there were about 8 of us at mine. When everyone was sat down we played the HARDEST trivia game ever! I didn’t know a single answer! 1 question was what do you get when you ferment molasses? I don’t drink so I had no clue what the answer to that one was! Thankfully the questions were all multiple choice so I had options! The correct answer aparently was rum. My team got that one right thankfully! Another question was where does Alan Hawco (he plays Jake Doyle on “Republic Of Doyle”) go to high school. Before the question was put on the board they showed a picture of Alan and said that he was from the gould’s. I don’t live in the goulds so I didn’t know what high schools there were. It turns out the answer was St Kevins. There were 2 other questions as well. 1 of the categories was music and I was thinking that I’d ace that one because I’m obsessed with music. Turns out I was wrong! It was about the 1 genre of music that I hate. Rap. They gave us a line from a rap song (which I didn’t recognize) and they gave us 4 choices and asked us to name the rap group that sings the song that line was from. I can’t remember our choices or what the answer was but I do remember that my team didn’t get that one right. The final question was about the census which I pay absolutely no attention to. They gave us the amount of boys in a certain year (which I can’t remember. I think it was 1990 something) and then they asked us weather there were more or less girls. I think the answer was more but once again I can’t remember. We didn’t get that one right either. Unfortunately we didn’t win the prize which was an iPad for every member of the winning team. Oh well! At least I had fun trying! All in all I had one of the best days ever! I’m definately not gonna forget it!


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