My top 5 favorite movie scenes

Hey blog world! I can’t remember where I read this but there was a website somewhere that counted down I think 10 of the best movie scenes. I have a lot of favorite movies and scenes from them so I thought I’d make my own post about my top 5 favorite movie scenes!

5 the chase scene in “Annie”. In this scene Annie is trying to run away from Rooster who’s trying to catch her so he, his girlfriend Lilly and Miss Hannigan can kidnap her. I’m not sure what caused this but Miss Hannigan has a change of heart screams “Rooster she’s just a baby” and runs after them trying to stop him! Also Punjab arrives in the knick of time with Daddy Warbucks’s helicopter! This was one of the best chase scenes I’ve ever seen! It really had me on the edge of my seat because at 1st I thought Rooster was going to catch Annie! 

4 the product placement scene from “Wayne’s World” In this scene Randal is saying that Wayne and Garth have to feature Noah Vanderhoff in each “Wayne’s World” episode since he’s the sponser and they signed a contract. Wayne says he will not bow down to sponsers and yet he does a mini ad for “Pizza Hut”, Doritos and pepsi while replying to Randal! This is definately one of the funniest scenes from the movie!

3 the waterskiing scene from “The Great Outdoors” When I saw this scene I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard! Chet (that’s the name of John Candy’s character in the movie) is a horrible waterskiier as you can see which makes this scene super hillarious!

2 the cupcake scene from “The Cat In The Hat” In this scene the cat creates a fake infomercial where he (and a scottish clone of himself) make cupcakes using the “CupcakeInator”! They use a carton of eggs, hot dogs and a fire extinguisher! It ends up making a HUGE mess all over the house and the host pushes Scottish cat over the edge which causes him to accidentaly cut off his own tail! I felt kinda bad because he just lost his tail but I laughed super hard when it happened!

1 the arrow roulette scene from “Grown Ups” In this scene the guys play a (extremely dangerous) game they used to play when they were younger called “Arrow Roulette”. Someone would shoot an arrow way up high into the air and they’d all run and the last person standing won! Unfortunately for poor Rob he got the arrow in the foot (that’s the part of that scene that made me laugh the most!)

What’s your favorite movie and what’s your favorite scene from it? Tell me in the comments!


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