Storage Wars

Hey blog world! I have recently become a HUGE fan of the TV show “Storage Wars” on A&E . My love of the show is thanks to my Aunt. I never liked the show at 1st but after watching it so many times at her house (she’s a big fan too) I learned to love it! Now I watch it nearly every night! It’s an auction show where these 5 people in the picture (and lots of others who either never buy anything or we don’t see when others get lockers) have 5 minutes to look at what’s inside a storage locker but they can’t go inside or pick up anything. Once those minutes are up they bid on the locker and whoever bids the highest wins. My favorite part of the show is definately when they get to open their lockers! I love seeing what’s inside and watching the value of the stuff in the lockers go up… unless it’s Dave Hester going through the locker. Dave Hester (the one with the brown hair in the black t shirt) or chiuaua/annoying orange as I call him is my least favorite character on the show. He’s annoying (which is why I sometimes call him annoying orange) and also when he bids he reminds me of a yappy little chiuaua (which is why I also call him chiuaua). Even the others think so! Speaking of others the other main people on this show are Darryl Sheets (the one to the left of Dave with the tattooes and white beard) who according to the opening theme is the gambler of the group (Dave by the way is the mogul) who’s catchphrase is “This is the WOW factor”, Barry Weiss (the one in the blue shirt with sunglasses) who is my absolute favorite person, is considered the collector and wears these awesome skeletal gloves to prevent his fingerprints from getting on the stuff in the lockers so he won’t lessen the value, finally there’s Brandi and Jerod. Jerod is considered the young gun though I’m not sure why. He and Brandi his wife go to the auctions together and even though they have their share of dissagreements they always find some amazing stuff in their lockers to add to their store. Out of all the things that they’ve found in the lockers I think my favorite finds were Dave’s china box thingy (I can’t quite remember what it was. It was a glass box of some sort. I think it was chinese but I can’t quite remember) which he broke on the way out of the car to get it appraised (which made me super happy since I hate Dave), Darryl’s teddy bear (I can’t remember what brand name it was but it was really old and in great condition so he made loads of money off of that), Barry’s magic head twister trick (he didn’t get much money for it but since I’m a magic lover I still thought it was cool) and Jarod and Brandi’s double safes! They were super lucky because in one of their lockers they found not 1 but 2 safes full of stuff! They made a extremely large profit from that! Since I’m a huge fan of this show I think it’d be so cool to go to a storage auction! I don’t know if they hold auctions there but there’s a place called Metro Self Storage here in Newfoundland and if they hold storage auctions it’d be so cool to go! Who is your favorite person on Storage Wars blog world? Tell me in the comments!



Hey blog world! Remember the post “Celebrity Autographs”? In that post I told you that I really enjoyed being a collector! It’s quite true! My room is full to the brim with boxes and shelves full of stuff I collect. 1 collection that I really enjoy looking at from time to time is my pin collection! I have loads and loads of different pins! Whenever I go somewhere and see pins I always get one and add it to my collection! I have several different Janeway pins because I’m on the Telethon every year and I always make sure to take a pin and buy a T Shirt as a souvenir from that year’s telethon! I’ve got 6 of them. 5 from each year I was on the telethon and 1 very very special one! I can’t quite remember what year this happened but I remember being in a room at the Janeway full of timbits, cookies, ice cream and pop where the people who were going to be on (or have already been on) the telethon could sit and relax. A male member of the lions club was sitting in a chair next to me and I was telling him how I collected pins from each year. I can’t remember weather he took it from his vest or out of his pocket but he gave me the very very 1st Janeway Telethon pin! It was really cool! It was a girl and a boy riding in the red and yellow Children’s Miracle Network hot air balloon  and on the balloon in silver letters was JCHF which stands for Janeway Childrens Hospital Foundation! I doubt that those pins are still in circulation since they only represent that particular year so I feel special to have all of these! Especially the very 1st one! I’ve also got a little autism angel pin which I got at the autism center. I have a purple pin as well with a lilly on it. I found that one yesterday amid 7 paper clips, and a golden letter B with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy on it in a small little white bag of pennies. I could honestly do a whole post on weird stuff I find while rolling my pennies! Another one of my collections is T Shirts. Whenever I go to a concert if they’re not too expensive I buy a T Shirt to add to my collection of memories! I’ve gotten 1 from Reba and Red Green! Also I collect Janeway T Shirts (as I’ve already told you) and I collect summer camp T Shirts as well. Usually at summer camps I attend they hand out T Shirts to all the campers! Whenever I go through my closet and see one of them it brings back a load of memories! I also have a Spongebob collection as I told you in the “Celebrity Autographs” post! I’m a huge Spongebob fan so I have a lot of Spongebob memorabillia! I’ve got toys, books, a CD, keychains, a necklace, DVD’s, board games and for one of my birthday’s I had a Spongebob cake and it had a HUGE plastic Spongebob laying on it along with 2 rubber balls. 1 of Patrick and 1 of Spongebob! I also collect Simpson’s stuff as well. That started a while ago when KFC was offering the promotion to get a Simpsons figurine when you buy something (I can’t remember what that was). I liked those figurines so much that I decided to collect them and also expand my collectin a little more and get other Simpsons stuff! I now have several action figures, a moving Homer toy (It’s Homer on his knees drooling attached to a plate of doughnuts and when you move out the doughnuts which are attached to a string Homer will move toward them), DVD’s, a Mr Burns trading card, a video game and a book as well! I also collect “Arthur” trading cards! I’m not sure how many I have but I think I have almost the full set! These cards are very easy to find if you too want to collect them! Go to and click on trading cards and print out which ever ones you want! I have several thousand other collections but these are all I’m gonna talk about today! What kind of things do you collect blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Summer Games

Hey blog world! I just had one of the best days ever! Today I participated in my Special Olympics summer games! I was a morning bowler so I started off my day by bowling 3 games. Me and my team did exceptionally well! After bowling we got to eat a delicious pizza for our lunch! It was my favorite kind! Cheese and pepperoni! After we had our pizza we went into this little room full of chairs and tables and we all sat down and they turned on “Cheaper By The Dozen 2” for us to watch. Although not many people watched it. Several people conversed with others, the lady sitting next to me was doing word searches in a book and me I played a game of “Card Sharks” with my friend Shawn. It was basically his home version of the TV show! It was fun! After a round of that one of the coaches brought over a game of “Guess Who” to the table and I loved that game so after she and my friend played a round I asked to play against him. We played a few games and not once did I win! After a few rounds of “Guess Who” we borrowed a deck of cards from my teammate and played Crazy 8’s! The tables really turned then! I won game after game! He won a few times but I won most of our games. Thankfully just like me he’s a good sport and didn’t mind loosing to me. After a while a DJ started playing some music and we had a small little mini dance to get us hyped up for the dance we’d be having later on then we went outside for a while so the coaches could get everything set up and ready for our supper. When we went back inside and sat back down and were each passed a golden (and greasy) box of Mary Browns. I opened up my box and found a drumstick, thigh (which I traded with Dad for a wing) and bag of taters. After I had eaten we had our awards ceremony. My team won a bronze! I’m so proud of us! After the awards we were supposed to have a dance but we were behind schedule so we ended up not being able to have one! Oh well! At least we got a little mini one! I had such a great time at the games and am so proud of myself, my team and everyone else! Were you there today? If so tell me your favorite part about the games in the comments!

Special TV Characters

Hey blog world? Remember the post that I did called “Special Celebrities”? Well today I’m gonna do something similar. It’ll be the exact same as that post but with fictional TV characters instead! Enjoy!

Kami (“Takalani Sesame”) . I doubt most of you have heard of her because she is from the South African version of “Sesame Street” called “Takalani Sesame” (which means “Get Happy Sesame”). I was on the Sesame Workshop website one day (don’t judge me) and I noticed an article about Kami and I got intrigued so I read it. Turns out she’s HIV+! This is a 1st for the Muppets! I don’t know much about her but according to the article and further online resarch (again please don’t judge me) she’s 5 and her backstory is she received a transfusion of tainted blood when she was younger and that’s how she became HIV+.

George Lundgrin (“Arthur”) . George is my absolute FAVORITE character on “Arthur”! He shares my interst in ventrilloquism (and is way better than I am at it LOL), gets frequent spontaneous nosebleeds (as shown in the episode “Vomitrocious”) just like me and even walked all the way from Elwood City to Crown City to raise money for Autism resarch! What makes George special is that in the episode “The Boy With His Head In The Clouds” he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I think it’d be super awesome if George were real! Him and me would definately be best friends!

Stevie (“Malcom In The Middle”) . I’m not sure if it was ever revealed why Stevie is a wheelchair user but if it has I haven’t seen that particular episode so can someone explain to me why? Also another thing I didn’t know about Stevie until recently is that because of his asthma he’s only got 1 lung! Aside from these 2 things he lives a normal life and is a really cool kid!

Randy Hickey (“My Name Is Earl”) . It was never revealed in the series but soon after my diagnosis of autism (thus the name of this blog) I had a very sensitive Autistic character meter and it sure was going off when I first met Randy! He’s entertained by the simplest of things (like a radiator for example), can easily memorize and recite lines from movies and has occasional tantrums. Randy is my favorite one of the Hickey’s because he’s so funny! Also he’s a great brother! He’s always there to help Earl with the list whenever he’s needed!

Marina Dattilo (“Arthur”) . Marina is yet another special charcter from Arthur. She is Prunella’s best friend. They met eachother in the episode “Prunella’s Special Edition” when Prunella was mistakingly given a braille copy of a Henry Skreever (that’s their version of Harry Potter) book which was supposed to be for Marina. As you can tell by her reading braille Marina is blind. She uses a cane (as you can see in the picture) and uses a clock to see where her food is (what I mean by that is to help her find her food her Mom arranges it on the table like a clock. For example fried chicken at 3:00 and macaroni salad at 12:30). She also plays soccer (very well I might add)! She has a special beeper on her ball so she’ll always know where it is! I really like Marina because I think all her special stuff like the beeping ball and her deck of braille playing card are really cool!

Do you have a favorite special fictional TV character blog world? Tell me about him/her in the comments!


Hey blog world! Today was unfortunately the last day of my university course. No I didn’t skip a bunch of grades I just took a 2 day mini enrichment course at the university out in town. It was called “Creating Virtual Worlds With Alice”! It was so much fun! Alice is this neat little program that lets you use all kinds of backgrounds, templates, characters and items to create and play your own virtual world! It’s difficult because say you want to create a virtual world where a dump truck goes through a hedge maze (that was one of our exercises (my most hated one to be honest because I couldn’t get it to work!)) Unless you want your dump truck entering the maze and then turning around and exiting or just plowing straight through the maze (both of which happened to me) you have to make sure that you plan out every move correctly, know just how many revolutions you want it to turn and how long you want it to do each thing. Other than all that stuff it’s a heck of a lot of fun! We each got to create our own virtual world today and I created a wintery version of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”! I called it “Snowmeo and Juliet” because I used a snowman and woman instead of actual people. I also made poor Juliet single because in my world they decided to move far away from their feuding families so they could get married but they moved to a place that was much too hot causing Snowmeo to melt! Also we made our own collaborative one yesterday and it was quite random yet a lot of fun! Basically we had this guy named Bob on the moon with a T Rex, Pterodactyl and spaceman and they were all battling eachother! All while there is a massive concert going on in the background! The Pterodactyl even sings “Crazy Trian” by Ozzy Osbourne! It’s amazing what people can come up with when they put their minds together isn’t it? Anyway if you ever get to do a mini enrichment course I strongly reccommend this one! You’ll love every single second! Also if you want to be your own teacher and fiddle around with the program and try and learn it yourself and create some virtual worlds of your own you can download Alice at! Have you ever done a mini enrichment course blog world? Tell me about it in the comments!

Songs I’ve yet to play on iTunes

Hey blog world! I read a blog the other day called backtothemusic and she basically reviews an album every day from her iTunes until there’s a #1 on all of them (a #1 means that she’s played it once). I thought that was a cool idea and since I have some 0’s myself thought I’d make my own blog post like that. Let’s begin with “A Good Year For The Roses” by George Jones I’m not entirely sure what this song is about. What it seems like to me is that his wife left him (and her half full coffee cup). I don’t know what he means by “A good year for the roses” though. Even though I don’t get what it means I still think it’s a really pretty song and the music is great!

“Real and Scary” from the “Fairly Odd Parents” I love this song! I’m the opposite of Timmy because I prefer things being quote “cardboard, squeeky or clean” when it comes to halloween costumes (I don’t like scary stuff at all) but other than our little difference I love this song! Especially Cozmo’s parts!

“The Water Buffalo Song” from “VeggieTales” This was the very 1st ever silly song! I loved it! It’s hillarious and also it teaches us a very important lesson! Never EVER bring a water buffalo to the store with you!

“It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me” Billy Joel Great song… not so great video. I didn’t even bother finishing it! It’s just Billy and his band performing in what seems to be a garage! I am a huge fan of concert video’s but definately not garage ones! The song though is great! I don’t know what pink side winders are but hearing this song makes me want to find out! The sax part is super amazing as well!

“We Go Together” from “Grease” Best song from the entire movie! It’s super catchy and lots of fun to dance to. The best part is the part in the middle where they do all the scatting (ramma lamma lamma etc)!

What are some of your favorite songs in your iTunes library blog world? Tell me in the comments!

Janeway Telethon

Hey blog world! I’m getting very very excited! In just 1 week the 28th anual Janeway Children’s Miracle Network Telethon will air on NTV! The Janeway is the children’s hospital located in St John’s Newfoundland! Every single year they have a telethon to raise money for new equipment. Each year they have a different theme. Some examples of themes they had are “Family Centered Care” (last year), “The Heroes Among Us”, “For All The Right Reasons” and “Home Of Miracles”. Not only do they do segments where people donate money but also they air homemade music video’s like this one for “If Anything Happened To You”, air stories of different kids who they have helped and also each year they choose one of the patients to become the champion child. I can’t remember what the criteria is for a child to be chosen though. Also one of the really cool parts is that each year they have lots of different Newfoundland celebrities host the show! Over the years there have been lots of really cool people! Some people that have hosted the telethon are Karl Wells (former CBC “Here And Now” weatherman and also one of the hosts of “One Chef One Critic” on Rogers TV), Andy Newman(he hosts “The Big Show” in the mornings on the radio station Coast 101.1), Alan Hawco  (the star of CBC’s “Republic Of Doyle”) and Ryan Snoddon (Karl’s replacement on CBC’s “Here And Now”). I’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed by 3 of the 4 people I have just menitoned. Ryan, Andy and Karl! They’re all super nice people! My favorite parts of the telethon (I pluralized that because they do this several times) is when they do a drumroll (feel free to do one yourself as you read this) and then they reveal how much money they’ve raised so far! I feel so happy when I see really really big numbers because I know that with all that money the Janeway will be able to keep on making miracles happen for the kids of Newfoundland and Labrador! If you want more info on the telethon please go to the Janeway’s official website If you want more info on the champion child program visit (note this is the Canadian website. For the American website go to! What’s your favorite part of the telethon blog world? Tell me in the comments!