PBS kids past

Hey blog world! Yesterday PBS posted this on their facebook page http://www.pbs.org/special/generation-pbs-kids-you/. It’s a quiz to find out which generation of PBS kids you are. I took the quiz and aparently I’m “Generation Teletubby” because I remember meeting Mrs Noodle and I love shows like “The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That”, “Maya and Miguel” and “The Magic School Bus”! This quiz really got me thinking about the PBS station and all the amazing shows they had on the PBS kids block! They sure had a load of gems back in the day! Here are some of my favorite classic PBS Kids shows!

 “Bill Nye The Science Guy” (1993-1998) .This show taught Science in a super fun way! Bill showed us cool experiments (some of which we could try at home), made us laugh by doing lots of scientific comedy sketches and even parodied songs! My favorite song from this show was definately “AC/DC Charge” from the episode on Electrical Currents http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXZ2fi25O7Q!

“The Adventures Of Dudley The Dragon” (1993-1999) . I loved watching this when I was little! I have all the words to the theme song memorized! It’s a series about a big green Dragon named Dudley and all his adventures with his animal and human friends in the forest! My 2 favorite characters were Dudley and Mr Crabby Tree!  

“Theodore Tugboat” (1993-2001) . This show was about a little tugboat named Theodore and his adventures with his friends in the Big Harbour (which by the way is somewhere in Nova Scotia!) This show was mostly tugboats BUT there was 1 human on the show the Harbour Master! He was played by Denny Doherty who (using the way Sharon from Sharon Lois and Bram once described him) people about this tall  (or possibly even taller than The Hacker) might recognise as a former band member of one of my favorite bands “The Mamas and the Papas”!

“Jay Jay the Jet Plane” (1998-2002) . This was a show all about a bunch of talking airplanes, a helicopter and several ground vehicles that all live in Terrytown. There are not very many but there are a few humans on this show as well. My favorite human is definatly Brenda Blue. She runs the Terrytown Airport where Jay Jay and all his other airborn friends live! My favorite airplanes were Jay Jay and Tracy !

“The Puzzle Place” . The puzzle place is about a group of kids (as you can see in the picture) who go to this awesome hangout (which reminds me of the Kidclub that I used to go to (minus all the puzzle piece decorations)) called the Puzzle Place. As you can guess by the title the puzzle place uses puzzle pieces for decorations all over the place! My favorite character is Jody (the one in the purple beret)!

I have 2 questions to ask before I leave blog world! Firstly if you took the quiz post what generation you are down in the comments! Secondly what’s your favorite classic PBS kids program?


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