Remembering Ken

Hey blog world! 1 year ago today I remember watching the TV listings station (that’s chanel 8 here in Newfoundland) and in the upper left hand corner they have news updates. One of which was that Ken Kostick passed away that day at age 57 due to pancreatitis. I was a HUGE fan of his and was very devistated! In case you don’t know who Ken is here’s a picture of him . He was a chef! Also he was the co host of 2 TV shows. 1 of which was “What’s For Dinner” which aired on CBC I can’t remember all too much about this show because I think the last time I saw it was when I was 8! All I do remember is that Ken and his co host Mary Jo  wore costumes sometimes. The other TV show that these 2 hosted together was “He Said She Said” and it aired on the W network and Viva In this show every episode there was a different star ingredient and Ken and Mary Jo would each make a differnet dish using said star ingrediant. Ken was super funny in both shows and all the food that he made looked so yummy! It sure is terrible that he’s gone. He is definately missed! R.I.P Ken!


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