Bucket list post 6

Hey blog world! Today I’m doing a 6th post about my possibly never ending bucket list! Enjoy!

#74 Be on “Don’t Forget The Lyrics”: . This is another one of my favorite game shows! I’m a huge music fan and know pretty much every song so I’m positive I’ll win the entire game!

#75 Attend YC: I’m hopefully gonna complete this one in October. YC stands for Youth Conference. I’ve never been to one before but man does it look like so much fun! I’ve never been there so I don’t know exactly what people do but I do know that 1 part of YC is a HUGE Christian rock concert! Here’s the promo for this years YC! The theme is Surrender. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCqnI3LxRFA&list=PL16FDD0898141CAE4&index=1&feature=plpp_video. Also if you wanna get more info on YC go to http://yc.extremedream.ca/!

#76 Post a video on Youtube: I have a youtube account and know how to use my camcorder to make video’s but unfortunately I haven’t the slightest idea as to how I upload a video onto Youtube! Once I figure it out I really wanna post a video and hopefully get plenty of views! I think it’d be a great way to get my career as a singer started. If it worked for he who shall not be named (I’m sure you know who I’m talking about) why can’t it work for me?

#77 Visit every Ripleys Odditorium: Ever heard of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not? It’s a series of books all about weird and wacky people, places and things! It’s got a TV show too (I think it airs on Space but I’m not sure) and also has several “Odditoriums”. an Odditorium is a Ripley’s museum filled with weirdness galore! I went to the one in New York City and it was so cool! I got to meet the cat man (a man who had his teeth replaces with fangs and had his face tattooed to look like a cat), I saw a picture of the real life popeye and there was even a picture of Barack Obama made entirely out of Gumballs! That was just in New York though! I’m not sure how many others there are but I really wanna visit all of them and see all their museums!

#78 Surf: I’ve seen people do this on TV and man does it look cool! It does look hard but I’m sure I’ll be able to learn!

#79 Take Guitar lessons: I really love the guitar! It’s such a cool instrument! My music teacher taught my class how to play a few songs on it in grade 8 and I had so much fun (even though I wasn’t that great)! One day I’d like to take lessons so I can learn to play it better!

#80 Make something out of clay: When I was a kid I LOVED Play-doh ! I made stuff with it all the time! Now that I’m older I’ve outgrown play-doh and want to use actual clay  and an actual turntable  to make something! I think it’d be cool to get my hands messy throwing (that’s the pottery word for making) something, then letting it dry, harden and then paint it!

#82 Go to L.A: I’ve never been to L.A before but I’d love to go someday! It seems like such a fun place! If I did get the chance to go there some things I’d like to do are see a live taping of “The Doctors”, get pictures next to all the stars on the walk of fame and check out the Madame Tussauds museum!

#83 Go to Legoland: Legoland is very obviously a lego  brick theme park! There are locations in Billund (where the product originated), Germany, Florida, California and Malaysia! My friend had once been to the one in Billund and said it was really fun! It sure seems like it is! I really hope to get to go to the one in either Florida or California (because I can’t speak German, Deutsch or whatever language Malaysia speaks)!

That’s it for now blog world! Be sure to keep reading because I can certainly guarantee that this wasn’t the last post about my bucket list!


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